Reconnecting Your iPads After Changing Servers

Is the iPad unable to reconnect to the server after a recent server migration? The YAPI iPad app maintains a consistent and secure connection when two requirements are met:

  • The iPad is connected to the same private wireless network as the server.

  • The iPad is connected to the server via its IP Address.

After confirming that the iPad is connected to the correct wireless network, it should be a matter of confirming the server IP address.

The following article will show how to adjust the iPad's settings to use the new IP Address;

Adjusting the Assigned IP Address

  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard on a Workstation or on the Server.

  2. Click on the Life Preserver 2019-10-15_12-55-57.png button on the top-right of the Dashboard. 

  3. Click on the About option at the very bottom of the list. This will open a new window. 


  4. On the line that is labeled YAPI Service, highlight or copy down the subnet address after the @ sign. 

  5. Open the YAPI iPad app.

  6. Click on the Configuration option on the bottom right corner of the screen. 


  7. Scroll down the page until the Communication section appears. In the field labeled YAPI Service IP Adress/Host Name, type down the subnet address from the About window of the YAPI Workstation.

  8. Click on the Save option on the top-right corner of the screen. 

  9. Press the Home button of the iPad and restart the YAPI app to test connectivity.

Additional information on troubleshooting iPad connections can be found in the iPad Connection Troubleshoot Guide.

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