Save iPad Application Configuration (iOS 13.5.1+)

With the release of IOS 13.5.1, a limitation introduced with the version update prevents applications such as YAPI from auto-restarting after applying configuration changes. As a result, changes applied to the Configuration section of the YAPI app will not truly apply after reopening the app. However, a workaround is currently possible prior to circumvent this issue:

Manual Restart of YAPI Application

  1. Apply all the necessary changes in the Configuration tab within the YAPI app and then press the Save button on the top-right corner of the screen. 


  2. A Configuration was updated pop up will appear after confirming the changes. Double-press the Home button at the bottom of the iPad to show all the active apps running on the iPad.

    NOTE: If the iPad device being used does not have this physical button, slide your finger at the very bottom of the screen and slowly slide your finger up until the app is now floating with all the other active apps.


  3. A list of active apps will appear on the screen. Search for the active YAPI app, then hold the active app with one finger. Finally, slide the app upwards as if moving it off the screen to manually terminate the running app. 


  4. Open the YAPI app once more and return back to the Configuration tab. Confirm that the changes have applied. 

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