Troubleshooting: iPad App's Configuration Doesn't Save

If you make changes to the YAPI iPad app's Configuration and those changes don't seem to be saving, you may just need to force quit and restart the app. In previous version of Apple's iPadOS, the YAPI app only needed to be closed and reopened after saving configuration changes, but if your iPad now uses iPadOS 13.5.1 or higher, you must force quit instead.  Below, you'll learn how to force quit the YAPI app so that your Configuration settings take effect.

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Force Quitting and Restarting the YAPI iPad App

  1. Once you've made your changes in the Configuration Configuration_2.png section of the iPad app, tap Save.

  2. When you see a message that Configuration was updated, tap OK.

  3. To force quit:

    • On iPad models with a home button: Double-click the Home button.  When your screen zooms out to show all your open apps, swipe the YAPI app up and off your screen.


    • On iPad models without a home button: Swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPad and pause your finger in the center of the screen, then release.  When your screen displays all your open apps, swipe the YAPI app up and off your screen.


  4. Tap the YAPI app icon Screen_Shot_2022-01-21_at_2.54.07_PM_2.png to reopen the app, reflecting your saved configuration changes.


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