Why are Text Messages not going out?

Patient Engagement is a key component required to maintain communication with patients for any and all messaging related to upcoming appointments. In some situations, text messages may fail to attempt to message patients, and it could be due to a myriad of possible reasons. The following will show some possible scenarios that may occur and the solutions that may be done to circumvent future issues. 

Check Patient File

Issue: In the Practice Management Software connected to YAPI, search for the patient that did not receive their expected text message for their appointment. In many cases, the phone number introduced into the Cell Phone field may have an older or incorrectly inputted number.

Solution: Confirm with the patient in the next available opportunity to correct any discrepancies. 

Patient Mobile Plan

Issue: The Patient's Mobile Plan may not support text messaging depending on the phone plan and/or phone carrier. This typically occurs when the patient may not have an unlimited text plan or phone plan that does not support texting.

Solution: Confirm with the type of phone plan they currently use. If the Patient is adamant about not changing their mobile plan to support text messaging, some solutions include adding an alternate phone number owned by a trusted family member with text messages. Alternatively, the patient can also receive their reminders via email prior to their next appointment. 

Carrier Outages

Issue: If a portion of patients did not receive their text message for their appointment, it can be related to the carrier used by the patient. YAPI uses a third-party service called Twilio to send out text messages to patients. In some circumstances, Twilio may experience difficulties sending out messages.

Solution:  Reports related to the status of Twilio can be found on the Twilio status site. Alternatively, text messages may not have been received due to the carrier used by the patient. Confirm what carrier the patients are signed up with and check the status of the mobile carrier by visiting the DownDetector website. This will show the status of the carrier with maps showing where outages are occurring. 

Reminder Settings

Issue: The timing of text messages is determined by their scheduled appointments and setting set for each appointment going out. A message related to their appointment may not send if the appointment date conflicts with the established timing of messages going out on the Reminder Settings. 

Solution: Confirm what the set days are in the Reminder Settings. 


    1. From the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Setup and Manage 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png button, then click the Global Setup option.

    2. Enter your password and click OK.

    3. From the Global Setup window, click on the Reminders tab.

    4. Review the timing of the appointment texts going out and if the text messages need to be sent out sooner make the necessary adjustments. 


Server Activity

Issue: The major functions behind YAPI is primarily handled on the server for the dental office. The server is expected to remain online and be able to handle and workloads that may occur throughout the workday. If there is an issue on the server, functions like text messaging may not work as intended. 

Solution: Some things to consider when checking the health of the server is to determine possible errors that may occur. For example, if the server is turned off or rebooting during the expected scheduled time of the text message, then the text messages will fail to send for that day. Here are some things to check for on the server.

  • Practice Management Software is working correctly and is connected to YAPI

  • Sufficient memory is available for YAPI to function (RAM usage)

  • The server is active during the expected use times

  • The YAPI Service is active on the server and not disabled

  • Windows errors not interfering with related programs and services

If issues related to text messages continue to occur after reviewing all prior sections and steps, contact YAPI Support and be prepared to get a server connection with FastSupport.

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