Smart Scheduling - Recall Patient Walkthrough

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Recall Patient Scheduling Screens

    1. Patient Verification
    2. Choose Appointment
    3. Confirm Appointment 
    4. Appointment Booked 

Recall Patient Scheduling Screens

Patient Verification


  • The system will require that the patient verify their DOB to guarantee that the appointment is being booked by the correct individual


  • The system will allow the user 3 attempts to enter in their DOB and if unsuccessful direct the patient to contact the practice

Set Appointment Details


  • The system will default the filter to all providers available for this recall appointment
  • Once the user selects an open date (any date with bold text), all available time slots for their appointment reason will display
  • Alternatively, the user can select a specific provider he or she wants to see:
  • Selecting the provider will display only open dates and appointments for that provider.
    • Photo of the provider (if the office uploaded one)
    • The provider's display name
    • The provider's bio (if the office entered one)


Confirm Appointment 

  • The final screen will display the appointment information to verify everything is correct and display a field where the patient can leave a message for the office
    • This message will be listed in the Appointment Note of your Practice Management Software and display in POP under the Activity tab for Smart Scheduling
    • The Notify me of an earlier appointment time becomes available will allow the user to set up scheduling preferences to confirm which days and providers will better fit their their return visit.

Appointment Booked 


  • Once the appointment has been successfully booked the patient will have the option to add details to their device’s calendar

NOTE: In the event the patient’s selected time and date have been booked before they were able to complete their booking, the system will display an error and send them back to the appointment selection screen to select a new date and time.

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