Identifying the Server for a YAPI Technician

Identifying the server that houses the Practice Management Software is essential to ensuring YAPI is able to access patient data for its regular processes. In many cases, the server will simply be labeled server on the computer name entry, in which case the process to connect is as simple as going to and awaiting the key needed to allow a connection. 

However, some networks may have different computers dedicated to different processes, with some computers acting as servers for a different set of programs. The following article is intended to help users who are not familiar with their office network setup to ensure YAPI Technicians are able to connect to the correct computer to install and troubleshoot issues affecting YAPI. 

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Open Dental

  1. In the top-left corner of the Open Dental window, click on the Setup option. From the dropdown, click on the Data Paths option.


  2. The name of the Server, in place of 'SERVER-NAME-HERE', will be the name of the computer used as the server for the Practice Management Software database. This data path will be available on all Open Dental clients on the network. 


  3. Return back to the desktop of the computer, then look for the My Computer icon on the desktop. If this is not available, click on the Recycle Bin on the Desktop. On the left-hand side is a listing of options to choose from. Right-click the This PC option and from the dropdown click on Properties.


  4. A new System window will appear. The name of the computer will be labeled under Computer Name and/or Full Computer Name.


  5. After confirming the name is the same name seen the Open Dental Datapath, proceed to and begin connecting a YAPI Tech Support team member to the system. 


  1. On the computer, determine whether the following shortcut icons or taskbar icons are on the desktop of the computer. These icons will only be found on the computer that is used to house the Practice Management Software database.


  2. If the shortcuts are not available on the shortcut, check the bottom-right corner of the desktop in the taskbar to see if the Patterson Server is currently running.


  3. After confirming Eaglesoft is active, proceed to and begin connecting a YAPI Tech Support team member to the system. 


Method One

  1. Right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop and from the drown down list click on the Task Manager option. 

  2. The Task Manager window will appear. From the list of tabs at the top, click on the Services tab. 


  3. Search for the DentrixACEServer service and see if the Status is Running. This confirms that Dentrix's database is active on this computer.


  4. After confirming Dentrix is active on the server, proceed to and begin connecting a YAPI Tech Support team member to the system. 

Method Two

  1. On the search bar found in the bottom taskbar of the desktop, search for regedit.exe and right-click the result that appears. Click on Run as administrator from the list of options.


  2. A list of folders will appear on the left-hand side of the Registry Editor window. Proceed to go through the following folders: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Wow6432Node > Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc. > Dentrix > General.


  3. Within the General folder, determine that the Install type of the Dentrix used on the computer. If the Install Type is set as ServerAnWkstn, the computer serves as the server.


  4. After confirming the Dentrix server program is installed on the server, proceed to and begin connecting a YAPI Tech Support team member to the system. 

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