What to do Before Swapping Practice Management Softwares

When migrating from one Practice Management Software to another, YAPI is required to change its plugin to ensure proper communication with the database in use. A set of steps is required to be completed before YAPI technicians access the server for the final phase of the transition. The following article list all the requirements before contacting YAPI and cite any resources needed depending on the Practice Management Softwares being used.


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YAPI Checklist

  1. Before transferring data to the new Practice Management Software, ensure there are no queued documents needing to be imported. Each Practice Management Software has documents that are designed to only work with their set software. Proceed to access the YAPI Practice Dashboard and open the Document Queue 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png. Import all backlog documents that may still be on the list before proceeding with the switch.

  2. Once all documents have been filed, proceed to open the YService on the server and confirm that the service is turned off.


    Keep in mind that this will turn off all access to YAPI within the office so it is preferable that this conversion process is done on a day that patients will not be active in the office. 

Practice Management Software Checklist

  1. Before proceeding with any technical change in YAPI, it is essential to make sure that all documents and patient information are transferred over to the new Practice Management Software. The process for this may vary depending on the Practice Management Software and may have its own fees included but confirming that all information is transferred safely is of the utmost importance. The following are some links related to each supported Practice Management Software and its data transfer process.

  2. Once the data is transferred, confirm that lists related to the office are configured correctly, this includes the following:

    • Practice Details

    • Providers

    • Schedule

    • Medical Conditions

    • Allergies

    • Medications

  3. Before completing a full uninstallation, proceed to backup the database of the previous Practice Management Software that was used. This serves to make sure that if any errors occur after the full installation of the new Practice Management Software, the backup can still be available in extreme emergencies.

Warning! Do not complete the uninstallation until YAPI Tech Support can finish the plugin swap from the old Practice Management Software to the new one. Doing so beforehand will cause any incoming confirmations by patients to fail and errors will occur when YAPI is unable to deposit the necessary information in their assigned areas. 

Once all the above steps have been taken and that the new Practice Management Software is in use,  contact YAPI Support to set up a support session for the plugin adjustment. 
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