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Practice Online Portal

Version 1.8.1 (Released February 17, 2021)

New Features 

  • Smart Scheduling

    • YAPI is proud to announce a brand new product now available, Smart Scheduling! Smart Scheduling allows new patients to schedule their own appointments with their preferred providers online from your website, and your returning recall patients can book their next visit from their automated recall reminders via text or email. Appointment data will write back to your appointment book in realtime. Scheduling rules, payment options, insurance providers, are all configured conveniently from POP to accommodate unique scheduling methods. Additional information on how Online Scheduling works is available in the Smart Scheduling Features article with full list instructions for both office staff and patients available in the Smart Scheduling Table of Contents. Smart Scheduling is currently available as an add-on product for customers using Dentrix G6.2+ with a plan that supports automated patient engagement.

Feature Enhancement

  • API Change

    • New improvements to API authentication that affects the following: System generated emails, Reminders, Counters, Confirmation responses, Appointment notification logs, Care call lists, YAPI service configuration changes, Save the dates, and Email blast test emails.

Version 1.7.9 (Released June 29, 2020)

New Features

  • Email Campaigns

    • Introducing Email Campaigns! The new way to create and send mass emails to patients from your practice from the comfort of your home via POP! Email Campaigns are a new feature capable of downloading templates directly from the YAPI website and even schedule recurring email campaigns for events such as annual insurance updates, holiday promotions, and even more. Full instructions on how to use Email Campaigns can be found in the Practice Online Portal - Email Campaigns article.

  • Email Templates

    • With the introduction of Campaigns come the new Email Template creator available on POP! Now creating email templates and setting them up to be sent is now even easier with the new Email Campaign feature. The streamlined Email Template creator allows for easy implementation of images, fonts, links, and so much more! Full instructions on how to use Email Templates can be found in the Practice Online Portal - Email Templates article.

YAPI Desktop Client

Version 1.4.385.1 (Released February 13, 2019)

Feature Enhancements

  • Dentrix

    • YAPI is now able to directly introduce Medications into Medical History Forms for Dentrix 7.1 and up. Much like Open Dental, Medications entered in Dentrix will also be selectable within the Medical History Form and will be integrated for all future form updates.

  • Practice Dashboard

    • New Avatars pack "Monsters Too" is now available! Give your Dashboard new and fun ways to see your patients for every visit!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Phone Assistant was referencing GMT instead of the local time used by the office.

  • Fixed an issue when middle initials within patient names were not transferring after submission. 

  • Fixed an issue when Birthday and Recall messages would not send correctly.

  • Fixed an issue when the patient is moved to an operatory they will have a 1.06 billion minute wait time.

Version 1.4.373.1 (Released December 19, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when the [[FIRST]] and [[LAST]] merge tags were not populated when used with Save the Date GT email template.

  • iPads can now connect to the YAPI server while residing in a different subnet.

  • Fixed an issue when patients would disappear when checked in manually and/or a document is filled out.

  • Fixed an issue when InstaReview still displayed the Google button, even if Google is not configured.

  • Fixed an issue when the new Patient Welcome email pulled [[ADDRESS]] and [[PHONE]] from the Practice tab on Clinics-configured setups.

  • Fixed an issue when the Open Dental Patient Information form could not transfer the birthdate when used at Canadian offices.

YAPI iPad App

Version 5.39 (Released November 17, 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Added additional messaging to the local network access prompt to help indicate that this setting must be enabled for the YAPI app to connect to the YAPI Service.

  • The password prompt now appears correctly every time YAPI returns to the Practice Dashboard.

  • YAPI has switched from using UIWebView to WKWebView for improved security and reliability.

Version 5.27 (Released October 2, 2020)

Feature Enhancements

  • Configuration Change

    • With the release of IOS 13.5.1, a limitation introduced with the version update prevents applications such as YAPI from auto-restarting after applying configuration changes. As a result, changes applied to the Configuration section of the YAPI app will not truly apply after reopening the app. An update to the Configuration page introduces a new pop up giving instructions on how to manually update changes on the app. An article concerning this change can be found in Save iPad Application Configuration (iOS 13.5.1+).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Dark Mode issue that automatically starts the app in Dark Mode even when not enabled.

  • Fixed an issue that made password requirements mandatory when not enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the app crashes when a patient is moved into an operatory on the dashboard. 

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