Covid 19 Resources

As Covid 19 continues to be a prevalent entity in today's world news, new methods of consultation and diagnosing is becoming a greater necessity for dentists throughout the world. Many locations are still under severe lockdown with few locations active to receive patients. As a means to combat the difficulties affecting everyone, YAPI has aggregated a list of potential resources that can be used to better facilitate offices in need of contactless dental consultation and screening measures to limit the exposure to the coronavirus. 

Tele-Dentistry Links 

Tele-Dentistry is a safe method of interacting with patients while using either a phone or internet connection. This method allows for dentists and patients to make contact without the possibility of exposure to Covid. An online consent form and instructions on how to access the form link for email and mobile messaging are available below. 

Covid 19 Documents

Covid 19 forms for in-office and online usage are currently available for use from the YAPI Help Center webpage. The following are a set of different documents currently offered in both English and Spanish. Assistance in adding documents to an Online Package is available by contacting YAPI Customer Support. 

Additional document resources related to Covid 19 can be found by visiting the Help Center Forms and Documents page and clicking on the COVID tab for a full listing of different forms.

Covid 19 Templates

The following templates are intended to be sent directly to patients related to the status and current procedures set in place for offices operating under the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Additional Resources

The following articles are potential resources to help create or edit custom documents related to Covid. Each article will have a set of instructions to address each of the possible methods of communication with more articles being added as YAPI beings to expand its communication capabilities. 

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