Tracking Missing Documents Using the Document Events Feature

Are you looking to see the status of a document that had been sent to a patient via the iPad or an Online Package? Document Events is a window found within YAPI that will give the user the ability to view the status of specific documents and determine if they have been completed or in progress. There are different events that can be associated with these documents and a setlist of event combinations can further explain their actions. The following article will show how to access the Document Events window and how to read their event status as they appear. 

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How to Access Document Events


  1. Open the YAPI Practice Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Tools 2020-12-17_13-43-16.png button at the top of the Practice Dashboard. 

  3. From the dropdown, click on the Administrative Tools option, then in the new dropdown click on the Documents option, and finally click on the Document Events option from the next dropdown.

Using the Document Events


  1. In the Document Events window, adjust the search parameters for viewing documents.

    • All - This option shows all available documents saved on YAPI.

    • Patient - This option will create a field box to type in the name of the patient.

    • Date - This option will open a dropdown box showing a daily calendar. This can be used to select the date that will be searched in. 

  2. After applying the option and its search parameters, click on the Get button in the bottom-right corner. This will populate a list of documents associated with the search.

Document Events

The following is a graph showing the different event types, their associated ID number, and notes associated with the event. 


Common Actions and their Related Events

The following a set of events that will show what actions are being done at the time of the event. This should give the user context as the reason a set of events are occurring and can help expand upon what is occurring for specific patients. 

  • The patient opens an online form and submits it.


  • The practice receives a new document in their online Document Queue.


  • The practice files away a non-data integrated document from the online Document Queue.


  • The practice files away a data integrated document from the online Document Queue.


  • The practice manually deletes a data integrated document from the online Document Queue.


  • A document is assigned to a patient on the iPad.


  • A document is saved by a patient on the iPad.


  • A non-data integrated document is filed away on the Dashboard.


  • A data integrated document is filed away on the Dashboard.


  • Practice checks in a patient with a non-data integrated document in the online Document Queue, the document moves to the patient, and the practice files it away from the Dashboard.


If there is a missing document that went lost during the submission process, please refer to the How can I find a missing iPad document that was previously filled out? article.

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