Smart Scheduling - Adding a Scheduling Widget to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website-hosting platforms available on the market today. If the practice is using WordPress or a similar product to host the practice's website, you will want to take full advantage of YAPI's Smart Scheduling widget to capture new patient information and book appointments easily.

These hosting platforms make building websites easy with the use of Themes. Themes are modular website builders used to customize sites without having a website development background but may give you trouble when adding external content not native to the theme. WordPress regularly releases updates to their website themes that can override YAPI's Smart Scheduling widget if not placed correctly. Thankfully, this can be avoided by making direct changes within the Theme Builder.

The following will show how to optimize a WordPress site by adding YAPI's widget code to key areas of a webpage. 

Adding a Smart Scheduling Widget to WordPress

  1. Copy the Smart Scheduling Widget code from the Practice Online Portal.

  2. Login to the WordPress website. Find the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the web page and look for a Pages option.


  3. Within the list of pages available on the website, click on a page to add the Smart Scheduling Widget. Recommended Pages: Home Page, Contact Us, New Patients

  4. Within the Theme Builder, select an option to add a new code module


  5. Within a Code field, paste the code from the Smart Scheduling widget page. Make sure to save any changes to the webpage.


The results of the widget addition will be a new button to appear on the screen of the website. This can be clicked to proceed with the appointment creation process for Smart Scheduling.


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