Release Notes - July 12, 2021


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Practice Online Portal - Version 1.11.5

There are no new features or enhancements in this version update.

Bug Fixes


  • The following Smart Scheduling issues have been fixed:

    • The Secondary/Supplementary Insurance checkbox would fail to be clickable during the New Patient appointment creation. The checkbox is now working as intended and will allow the user to continue filling in their insurance information.

    • The Appointment Availability tool was not acknowledging the settings set for Same-Day and will instead follow the rules set for the scheduling window minimum. The Same-Day setting will now be recognized in the scheduling rules set by the office.

    • The Insurance type (EPO) would fail to allow New Patients to proceed in their appointment creation within Smart Scheduling. This issue has been adjusted to allow for the free use of this Insurance type.

Open Dental

  • Patient insurance would incorrectly display as "No Insurance Listed" in Smart Fill Recall Past Due Lists even when set correctly on Open Dental. The Patient Insurance list should now populate correctly.

  • The Provider Bio in Smart Scheduling would fail to save changes if a space was added to a Provider abbreviation in Open Dental. This has been resolved and spaces should no longer cause conflicts when updating Provider Bios.


  • Explosion Codes that were too long were preventing users from setting up appointments using these codes. This issue has been addressed.

YAPI Desktop - Version 1.9.7

New Features

  • Fast Import for Dentrix Users: Dentrix users are now able to use Fast Import for their document needs. This allows documents completed by patients to automatically file away in their designated folders within the Practice Management Software. Refer to Fast Import Overview or Fast Import Set Up for more information.


  • YAPI Writer Auto-Import for Eaglesoft Users: Eaglesoft users can now import YAPI Writer content automatically to their Practice Management Software. This will include treatment plans, PDFs, receipts, etc. This feature will cut out the need to manually assign these documents once they are signed for by the patient and/or the provider.


Feature Enhancements

  • Past Plug-In Archive Folder Removal: Overall performance has been improved for YAPI with the removal of a folder that used to house past and current plug-ins. This will not affect the normal use of YAPI.

Bug Fixes


  • The most recent Eaglesoft update caused issues with offices that use Patient Finder and other YAPI features. The new update will address this issue by applying the necessary files for both the YService and the Eaglesoft plug-in without integration failures. No action will be required by the user to have these changes take effect.


  • The ASAP list would fail to populate a list of names on the Practice Dashboard. The list should now appear correctly when viewed.

  • An update to the Dentrix plug-in fixed syncing issues experienced on the Practice Dashboard with the Practice Management Software.

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