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What is Fast Import?

Fast Import takes forms that patients complete on an office iPad and automatically files them into your practice management software. And when filing Patient Information and Medical History forms, YAPI updates the patient's information in your practice management software as well!  


Why use Fast Import?

YAPI’s Fast Import feature allows for an even faster, more streamlined paperless experience. It's a great alternative to manually filing forms through the YAPI Document Viewer on the Dashboard and saves extra time for administrative staff, reducing clicks along the way.  You can also customize specific forms to keep them in your YAPI Dashboard for in-office review before auto-filing so you can hang on to the forms you need and let YAPI take care of the rest.

Fast Import vs. Manual Import via the Document Viewer

Without Fast Import enabled, forms completed in the office are sent to each patient's Document Folder documentalert.png and must be filed away using the Document Viewer. Fast Import skips this step and does the filing for you!


Minimum User Requirements

Fast Import is supported for users of the following practice management software versions:

  • Dentrix G6.2 and up
  • Open Dental 16 and up
  • Eaglesoft 18 and up


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