Fast Import Document Status

The following will show the results of Fast Import after setting up YAPI for this feature. Before proceeding, please refer to Set Up Fast Import to confirm that Fast Import has been configured and enabled.

The YAPI Dashboard will display an icon next to the patient's avatar when the form is automatically processed by Fast Import to notify staff that the process occurred. Two possible statuses will appear:


Successful Import




Pending Import

A Successful Import will show a document icon with a green arrow. This will show that the document has been imported and no further action is required.

A Pending Import will show a red document icon. This will notify the user that additional steps are required during the import process. If this occurs, hover over the icon to display any issues for easy identification.


Right-click on the document folder (mceclip0.png) to view and correct the issues that are present. This will open the Document Viewer and allow you to manually file the affected documents. The most common error is that documents do not have a category assigned. 

NOTE: The red document icon will remain red for the rest of the patient's visit on the dashboard, even if other documents auto-file successfully. 

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