Recognizing Fast Import Status Indicators

When using Fast Import to auto-file a patient's forms, YAPI adds a Fast Import indicator icon next to the patient to show that each form was successfully auto-filed if one or more forms need additional attention.  Below, you'll learn what YAPI's Fast Import indicator icons look like, what they mean, and what to do when a form hasn't auto-filed.

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Recognizing Fast Import Indicator Icons

With Fast Import enabled, the YAPI Dashboard displays one of two icons next to a patient who has completed iPad forms, either a paper with a green arrow SuccessImport_2.png or a red piece of paper PendingImport_2.png:


Successful Import




Some Forms Didn't Auto-File

SuccessImport_2.png Successful Import: This displays when all of a patient's iPad forms have been auto-filed into your practice management software.  No further action is required.

PendingImport_2.png Unfiled Forms: This indicates the patient has had one or more forms that didn't file with Fast Import. This is caused by one of the following and you can hover over the icon to see why forms didn't auto-file:

  • A form needs to be reviewed and signed by a provider before auto-filing.

  • A form doesn't have a category attached. (This usually means the form was purposely selected by a member of your staff to not auto-file with Fast Import.)

  • Something prevented a form from auto-filing (like a temporary server or internet connection issue) and it just needs to be filed manually.  This is uncommon.

  • One of the above occurred and the form has already been filed. (The indicator stays even after the forms in question have been taken care of.)


What To Do When You See the Unfiled Forms Indicator

If you see an Unfiled Forms indicator PendingImport_2.png in a patient's alerts, this means that one or more forms didn't auto-file at some point. 

  1. Look at the end of the patient's alerts to see if they have a Document Folder mceclip0.png.  If they don't have one, someone has already taken care of the unfiled form(s) and you're done! If you do see a Document Folder mceclip0.png icon next to the patient, continue to the next step.


  2. Hover over the Unfiled Forms PendingImport_2.png icon.  A red square next to a document name will indicate why the form didn't auto-file:


  • At least one more signature is required: Have a provider review and sign the form on an iPad and it will file automatically after the signature has been added.

  • Document category is missing or invalid: Right-click on the patient's Document Folder mceclip0.png and select Show Documents.  Then, manually file any forms that appear in the Document Viewer window that pops up.

The Unfiled Forms icon PendingImport_2.png will remain red for the rest of the patient's visit on the Dashboard, even if other documents auto-file successfully. 

Open Dental Users: If you see a "Pending Autofiling problem" message, this means there's a small issue with your Fast Import setup.  To fix this, manually file any forms with this error, then go to Settings Setup and Manage.png > Global Setup > Documents tab, select the OD: Quick Import checkbox, click Save, then OK

OD Import.png

If you want the full steps to check your setup, see our article Setting Up Fast Import.

Tip: If a particular form shows as Document category is missing or invalid and you always want that type of form to auto-file, just categorize it using the instructions in Categorizing iPad Forms.


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