Setting Up Recall (Continuing Care) in Dentrix

YAPI integrates directly with Dentrix to manage automated Recall Reminders, leaving you more time to care for your patients.  Before setting up your Recall Reminders in YAPI, though, you'll want to make sure Continuing Care is configured in Dentrix first.

Most practices already have this set up but if you haven't done so, use the instructions below so you'll be ready for Setting Up Recall Reminders in YAPI.  

Note: Dentrix refers to recare as Continuing Care and YAPI it's called Recall.  For the purposes of this article, any references to Continuing Care refer to Dentrix settings and Recall refers to settings within YAPI.

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Accessing Continuing Care in Dentrix

  1. Open the Dentrix Office Manager from your desktop or from your appointment book by clicking the Office Manager icon. Screen_Shot_2021-06-18_at_10.44.31_AM.png

  2. Click Maintenance.

  3. Select Practice Setup, then Continuing Care, and Continuing Care Setup to open the in the Continuing Care Setup window.



Editing an Existing Continuing Care Type

  1. In the Continuing Care Setup window, select the Type you want to edit, then click Edit. (We recommend paying the closest attention to Prophy and Perio, since those are the most popular care types we see practices using with YAPI).


  2. In the Edit Continuing Care Type window that pops up, change any information you need to, making sure to include a Description, Interval, and Provider


  3. Click OK.


Adding a New Continuing Care Type

  1. In the Continuing Care Setup window, click New.


  2. In the New Continuing Care Type window that pops up, fill out all the information for the Continuing Care type you're creating.  Make sure to include the Type, Description, Interval, and Provider.


  3. Click OK.


For more details about setting up Continuing Care within Dentrix, see Customizing Continuing Care Types on the Dentrix website.


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