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The following article will help you boost your office's performance with tips to improve Fast Import and to take more control in the Fast Import process.

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Second Signature

Adding a Second Signature is a great way to pause Fast Import for a particular document so that a provider has a chance to review the document's contents before signing off on it. Signing a form from the desktop app will not trigger the document to auto-import and when sending a file through the YAPI writer to be signed. If a form includes a second non-required provider signature (which is present on most of YAPI's pre-made consent forms), Fast Import will not trigger when the patient signs the document:


A signature option added via the Practice Dashboard

Adding, Editing, and Deleting in YAPI Documents includes instructions on how to add a non-required signature box to your document if it doesn't have one. When configuring the Signature, make sure the Is required checkbox is not checked. Otherwise, the document can't be saved by the patient without a provider's help. 

However, when a provider reopens the document to review it, they can tap and hold on any space to create a signature box, sign, and tap the orange "More" tab to save, which will trigger the document to file automatically. This is an excellent method to make sure important documents such as Informed Consents or Medical Histories get reviewed before submission. Additional instructions on how to do this can be found in the Adding a Signature to an iPad Form article.

NOTE: For Eaglesoft users who plan to use this feature, keep in mind that Medical Histories may not be able to include this second signature feature due to how YAPI integrates with Medical Histories created in Eaglesoft.

Legacy Forms

Want to use Fast Import but notice some of your older documents don't seem to work? With the release of Enhanced Templates, older HTML-based documents referred to as Legacy Forms have not received the ability to be used with Fast Import.


Example of a Legacy Form

If you are in an office that still uses these older forms but still want to use Fast Import, the forms will need to be converted to the newer versions. Instructions on how to make easy consent forms can be found in the Tutorial: How to Make a Consent Form article. Otherwise, if you have a list of new documents you want to be created for Fast Import, submit a ticket by doing the following:

  1. Open the YAPI Practice Dashboard on a Workstation.

  2. Click on the Help button 2021-07-26_08-50-11.png at the top of the Practice Dashboard.

  3. Click on the Request Support option from the dropdown.


  4. Click on the dropdown in the center of the pop-up and select the I am requesting custom iPad or online form option. Then click Next to continue.


  5. Fill out the ticket application and attach all document files to be converted by clicking the Add button. Ensure the file is a Word document or text-selectable PDF and not a scan or photo. Once completed, click on the Upload button. Completed documents will be sent to you via email along with instructions for how to import them straight into YAPI.


Decategorizing Forms

If a document is currently categorized and needs to be uncategorized for any reason, you'll want to have YAPI Customer Support assist in removing the category. Removing a category can make sure a certain document is set to be manually reviewed before importing to the Practice Management Software. To get in contact with Customer Support, call or email us using the YAPI Contact Us page. 

NOTE: If you are adding a new document with Fast Import enabled, you can activate the document without categorizing it to review its contents before submitting it into the Practice Managment Software. 

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