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Why use YAPI Pay?

YAPI Pay enables your practice to use POP to manage patient payment transactions securely & more efficiently. You can:

  • Send and/or resend patients a payment request
  • Refund a patient payment
  • Cancel a payment request
  • Void the entire patient payment amount

Benefits of this feature include:

  • Integrates with your current practice management software and YAPI and does not require your staff to learn a new tool
  • No need to mail paper statements, saving time and money
  • It's secure & encrypted which means your data and your patient's data is protected
  • Contactless payments mean staff don't feel the need to constantly use hand sanitizer after touching patient credit cards
  • Patients feel better about not physically handing over their credit card and can make payments on their own device
  • Patients no longer have to read off their credit card information for payments taken over the phone
  • YAPI Pay is flexible to your office's workflow, send patient payments any time (for treatment coordination, copayments, etc)

How does YAPI Pay work?

Once it's set up, here's the general flow for a payment request, refund and canceling a payment.







Setup Requirements for the Practice

Once you're ready to sign up, our feature activation team will walk you through the process of creating the necessary merchant account, update the version of YAPI you're running (if needed) and work with you to ensure your practice management software and YAPI are set up correctly. No subscription changes are required to use YAPI Pay.

Setup Requirements for the Patient

No patient setup is needed! Patients just need to enter their date of birth in order for YAPI Pay to verify their identity, then they can proceed to make a payment.

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