YAPI Pay - Merchant Account Application

To use YAPI Pay, you must submit a Merchant Account Application and be approved through our merchant processing partner, QorCommerce. Your Customer Success Manager will send you the link to your application after discussing YAPI Pay with you during the Feature Access Call.  The article below shows what the application looks like as well as recommended answers for some of the questions on the application.

Note: Images in this article may vary slightly from what you see in the application. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Merchant Account Application 

The practice owner must fill out all four steps and submit the application to begin the approval process.  Each page has required items that must be completed before moving on to the next step:

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

Fill in information about your practice.  Enter your legal business name as it appears on legal documents.  If your practice doesn't have a website yet, enter "www.none.com".

Note: Your Contact Email is the email where QorCommerce will send your monthly statements.



Step 2: Business Details/Where Do We Send Your Money?

In this step, there are several questions that you may be unsure how to answer.  These are our recommendations:

Question Recommended Answer

What are you selling?


What type of transactions do you intend to process by percentage? 

100% in the MO/TO field.  These are the types of transactions processed through YAPI Pay.

Accepted Card Types?

Click all four card types.  Pricing is the same for all four, since YAPI Pay uses a flat rate.

Monthly Sales

Enter the amount your practice estimates to collect on a monthly basis with YAPI Pay. (This does not include amounts paid by insurance.)

Est. Highest Ticket

Estimate the the highest production amount your practice collects for a single transaction through YAPI Pay.  The current maximum per transaction for YAPI Pay is $3500.

Average Ticket

Estimate the average amount your practice will charge through YAPI Pay.

In the Your Deposit Detail section, follow the instructions on the page to email an image of a voided check to yapidocs@qorpay.com. 



Step 3: Create Your Account

Complete this section with the practice owner's information.  Enter the practice owner's home address, not the practice address.  To enter information for multiple owners, click the There is more than one owner box at the bottom left:



Step 4: Fees & Submit

Review the fees associated with using YAPI Pay. Then, sign the application, and click Submit:


Fees Explained
  • Discount Rate + Auth Fee: The amount you are charged per transaction when your patient completes a payment using YAPI Pay.
  • Retrieval Fee: The amount you are charged if a patient tells their credit card company they don't recognize a transaction.
  • Dispute Fee: The amount you are charged if a patient disputes the charge to their credit card.


Submission Confirmation

Once you click Submit, the page will redirect, notifying you that your application was received!  Your Customer Success Manager will follow up with you once our application has been processed and will let you know when YAPI Pay is set up for you to use. 



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