YAPI Pay - Patient Walkthrough

This article shows the patient's point of view when using YAPI Pay. Phone screens may differ from article images depending on the phone used during the payment process.

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YAPI Pay Patient Payment Process

Accessing the Payment Request

After sending a Payment Request via the Practice Online Portal, the patient receives a text message that includes a unique link for that patient's payment request. 

The patient taps on the link to start the YAPI Pay payment process. 


Verifying the Patient Identity

The patient enters their Date of Birth to confirm their identity and continue the payment process.

NOTE: YAPI Pay uses the patient's date of birth so if a parent or guardian is paying their child's bill, they need to use the child's date of birth to continue.


Reviewing the Payment Request

The patient taps Make Payment after reviewing all the information included in the payment request such as the due date, amount due, and any notes or files the office attached to the payment request.


Viewing Attachments

If an attachment was included, the patient taps on View Attachments to open a pop-up showing the list of receipts or invoices if there are attachments available. The patient can tap on the attachment name to open its contents in a new tab on their default browser.


The patient can return back to the original tab in the browser to continue the payment request and tap Make Payments to start payment processing.

Completing the Payment

The patient enters in all their payment information.


The patient taps Approve Payment for the amount they are requested to pay.


The payment process shows a new window confirming the payment was approved. The patient can tap Email Receipt to send a copy of the receipt to their email. The patient now taps Done


The patient can now close out of the browser. 


Other YAPI Pay Screens

Payment Cancelled

If the link has been tapped and the Payment Cancelled page appears, the payment request was cancelled. No further action is required by the patient.


Using All 3 Verification Attempts

If the date of birth entered doesn't match the patient's date of birth in your practice management software, the Contact Us page below displays. This page displays after three failed attempts to verify the patient's date of birth.


The patient needs to contact the office to make sure the date of birth is correct on the practice management software. Once verified, the office cancels the payment request to remove the lockout and recreate the payment request so the patient can continue the payment process by tapping the original or new link.

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