Release Notes - August 12, 2021


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Practice Online Portal 

There are no new features or enhancements in this version update.

Bug Fixes

General Bugs Resolved

  • Text messages sent via the Practice Online Portal would not display instantly on the text log after sending. The text messages would still send, however, and would show in the text log after a few seconds delay or refreshing the internet browser. The text messages should now display immediately after being sent within the text log.

Practice Dashboard 

There are no new features or enhancements in this version update. 

Bug Fixes

Dentrix Bugs Resolved

  • Some Dentrix offices attempting to open the Today's Schedule window within the Practice Dashboard would experience the list of patients failing to load. We’ve made improvements to the way we retrieve data from Dentrix to prevent this issue from occurring. If a search fails to find any data, YAPI will restart its connection to Dentrix and attempt to search again with no difference in the normal use of the program.

  • The plug-in used for Fast Import would cause YAPI to stop sending appointment status updates to Dentrix. This feature will no longer disable confirmations sent to Dentrix's Appointment Book when the Fast Import feature is used.

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Internal Only: POP version - 1.11.9, YService version - 1.9.10, YAPI Dentrix Plugin version - 1.19.1

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