YAPI Pay - Sending Payment Requests

This article shows you how to send payment requests to patients via YAPI Pay. 

Note: QorPay (YAPI's merchant partner) has a $3,500 maximum per transaction. So if you have a patient that needs to pay more than this, send multiple payment requests.

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Sending Payment Request


  1. Log in to your Practice Online Portal, then from the navigation pane click YAPI Pay.

  2. Click Create Payment Request


    You can now begin the Payment Request creation.


  3. Click Add Patient.


  4. Use the search field to find the patient you'd like to send the payment request to, select the patient, then click Ok.


  5. Review the Mobile Number. You can also update the phone number if the patient wants to send the request to a different number this one time. Updating the phone number here doesn't change the patient's record in the practice management software.


  6. Enter the Total Due and Due Date within the Payment Details section. You can type in the due date or click mceclip0.pngto open a calendar and select the date.


  7. Optional: Click Upload File to attach any sort of documentation (invoice, treatment plan, etc) to the payment request. You can add up to five attachments.


  8. Enter a note in the Note to Patient field to give additional information or to personalize the request.


  9. Click Send Request to submit the payment after reviewing the request


  10. Click OK to complete the payment request process. 


  11. You can view the payment request on the Incomplete Payment page within YAPI Pay.


You can also visit the Practice Online Portal's Text Messages page to view the text message's sent status. 

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