YAPI Pay - Resending Payment Requests

This article shows you how to resend payment requests to patients via YAPI Pay.

NOTE: Payments requests can’t be edited after being submitted so if you need to make any adjustments to the payment request (including adjusting the payment amount or adding/removing attachments), instead of resending the request, cancel the original request and send a new one.

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Resending Payment Requests

  1. Log in to your Practice Online Portal, then from the navigation pane click YAPI Pay.

  2. Use the search field to look for the patient. If you need additional filtering options, click Filter to narrow down your search further.


  3. Click  send.png next to that patient to initiate the resend. 


  4. Review the contents of the Payment Request to confirm that the information is correct. 

    Scroll down and click Resend to continue.


  5. A new pop-up displays confirming the request has been sent. Click Ok to close the window.


 You can now see the patient's Latest Activity column has been updated to Request Sent Again.


NOTE: The patient can use the link either from the original text received or the resent text. Both links are the same.

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