YAPI Pay - Voiding Payments

There may be times when you need to void a patient's payment transaction. For example, the patient has just used the YAPI Pay link to submit a payment but now realized the should have used their HSA card instead of their regular credit or debit card. So the patient immediately calls the office to ask how to do that. You can then void the patient's unposted transaction and have them submit a new payment. The following article shows you how to void a payment transaction made via YAPI Pay. It's important to understand when you can cancelvoid, or refund a payment.

  • Cancel - The patient hasn't made a payment, so there's no transaction to void or payment to refund but you'd like to cancel the payment request and prevents the patient from making a payment.
  • Refund - A payment has been submitted and posted and you want to give a partial or full refund.
  • Void - Void is only available if the payment hasn't been posted yet. You can only void the entire transaction amount.

NOTE: The voiding process cannot be undone once completed.

Table of Contents

Searching for Patient

  1. Log in to your Practice Online Portal, then from the navigation pane click Payments

  2. Click Completed Payments.


  3. Use the search field to look for the patient to void. If you need additional filtering options, click Filter ^ to narrow down your search further.


  4. Click  compare_arrows.png  to begin the voiding process.

    mceclip1 (1).png

Voiding the Payment

  1. Type in a comment related to the reason for the payment adjustment within the Internal Notes field.

  2. Click Void Payment in the bottom right corner to begin the voiding process.

    mceclip1 (2).png

  3. Click Confirm Void within the Void Payment pop-up to complete the voiding process. 


  4. You can now see a record of the voided transaction on the Complete Payments window.

mceclip0 (1).png


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