Setting Up Recall Reminders

With Recall Reminders, YAPI can automatically remind your patients to schedule their next hygiene appointment.  If you're setting up your Recall Reminders for the first time, use the guide below to get started with YAPI's default recall settings.  Then, if you want more details about customizing Recall Reminders once you're set up, check out Customizing Recall Reminders.

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Setting Your Reminder Start Date


You can start sending reminders today or start your reminders automatically on a future date. To set your start date:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Setup and Manage Setup_and_Manage.png button and select Global Setup.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  3. In the Global Setup window, click the Reminders tab.

  4. Click the Edit button under More Options

  5. In the Options window, click the pulldown menu next to Start reminders/recall on and select the date when you want your reminders to start sending out.

  6. Click Ok, then Save.  On the popup that warns you all changes won't take affect until you've restarted your workstations, click OK and ignore this for now.

Note:  Recall Reminders and Appointment Reminders are controlled by a single start date, so changing the date here applies to both. Neither will be active, though, until you click the enable checkboxes to turn them on. If you've already set up your Appointment Reminders in YAPI, you can skip this part! 


Accessing the Recall Manager

Once you've set your start date, all other Recall Reminder settings are managed in the Recall Manager.  To open the YAPI Recall Manager and access the rest of your recall setup:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Recall Manager Recall_Manager.png icon.

  2. Select Recall Manager Setup.


Choosing Which Recalls to Manage

To manage which recalls you want YAPI to send reminders for:

  1. Locate the Recalls to manage section of the Recall Manager window.

  2. Check the box next to each recall you want YAPI to manage.  


Note: The recalls shown here pull directly from your practice management software.  If you don't see the recall you want on this list, you need to adjust your recalls there first, then refresh the Recall Manager. For more on making changes within your Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or Open Dental, see our Related Articles section below.


YAPI's Recall Reminder Defaults

While you have the freedom to customize your reminders, most practices opt for the default reminder settings set up at installation. If you're happy with the default settings shown below, you can skip to Enabling Recall Reminders and get started right away!  For more about making customizations before enabling, see Customizing Recall Reminders.

Reminder Timeline

The default timeline automatically generates:

  • An email reminder 14 days prior to a patient's due date.
  • A text reminder 7 days prior to their due date.
  • A postcard reminder 21 days prior to their due date for patients with no email or mobile number on file.
  • Alternating email and text reminders when a patient is past due, at first every 30 days, then every 90 days for two years.

Who Doesn't Receive Reminders

  • Patients marked as Inactive, Archived, or Non-Patients in your practice management software.
  • Patients with a future appointment on your schedule. This keeps patients with their recall already scheduled from getting unnecessary reminders.  It also gives you the chance to remind patients in person if they're in office for something else so you can schedule them right away.

Past Due Alerts

YAPI shows a patient alert iconrecall_past_due_alert.pngin the Dashboard and your Daily Huddle if a patient is overdue for any recall assigned to them in your practice management software.

Screen_Shot_2021-09-17_at_9.45.22_AM.png     Screen_Shot_2021-09-17_at_9.45.47_AM.png

Due & Past Due Report Notes Expiration

Within YAPI's Recall Due & Past Due Reports, staff members can write, save, and view notes regarding a patient's recall.  These notes automatically expire after 180 days.  For more about taking notes in these reports, see Using the Recall Due & Past Due Reports.


Enabling Recall Reminders

Once you've completed your setup, just check the Enable box in the Recalls tab and click Save!  You can restart YAPI on your workstations now by closing and reopening the program or wait for YAPI to do this automatically during tonight's housekeeping.



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