Customizing Recall Reminders

Within YAPI, you can customize your Recall Reminders to fit the needs of your practice and your patients.  Use the guide below to adjust your reminder settings to your liking. 

If you're setting up your Recall Reminders for the first time, we recommend checking out Setting Up Recall Reminders first, then hopping back here to make edits.

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Accessing the Recall Manager

To open the YAPI Recall Manager and access your recall setup:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Recall Manager Recall_Manager.png icon.

  2. Select Recall Manager Setup.


Editing Your Recall Reminder Timeline

To access your timeline for email, text, and postcard reminders, click the Reminders tab in the Recall Manager window:



Deleting Reminders

  1. Click on the reminder in the timeline and click the Delete button to the right of the section:


  2. When asked if you want to delete this reminder, click Yes.

  3. Click OK and Save.


Adding New Reminders


  1. Click the Add button next to the Automated Recall Due Reminders or Automated Recall Past Due Reminders.

  2. In Edit Recall Reminder window that pops up, locate the Send box and select the number of days prior to or past the due date you want the reminder to send out.

  3. Click the double arrow >> button next to the type of reminder you want to create (Email, Mobile, or Postcard).

  4. Select the template you want to use with this reminder and click Select.

    Tip: Unless you've created your own, our default templates are easy to spot because they all contain the word "Recall."  

    If you want to edit your templates or create new ones, see Managing Reminder Templates below.

  5. Optional: Add other types of reminders (Email, Text, or Postcard) to generate on the same day.

  6. Click OK and Save.


Changing Existing Reminders


  1. Click Edit next to the reminder you want to change.

    • To change the number of days that the reminder sends prior to or past the recall due date, adjust the number in the Send box.

    • To remove a type of reminder (Email, Text, or Postcard), click the Delete button next to it.

    • To add a new type of reminder, click the corresponding double arrow button, choose a template and click Select.

  2. When finished, click OK and Save.


Editing Reminder Templates

To make edits to the the language of a reminder template:

  1. Click Edit next to the reminder you want to change.

  2. Once the Manage Documents and Templates window pops up, select the tab for the type of template you're editing, click the template name, and click Edit.  For more details on editing each type of template, see Creating an Email Template in the Dashboard, Creating a Custom Text Template, or Creating a Custom Postcard Template.

  3. When finished, close the Manage Documents and Templates window, then click OK and Save

Tip: You can also access the Manage Documents and Templates window by clicking Settings Setup_and_Manage.png and choosing Manage Documents and Templates.


Additional Settings

To edit additional Recall Reminder settings, access the Recall Manager and make sure you're on the Recalls tab.

Editing How Long Reminders Send Past Due

By default, YAPI manages recalls for 2 years past due.  To change this setting, adjust the number of months in the Manage Recalls till box.


Note: This setting overrides the timeline within the Reminders tab.  For example, if you change this setting to 12 months, no reminders set in the timeline will send after 12 months past due.


Excluding Reminders for Patients with Appointments 

By default, YAPI excludes patients with a future appointment from receiving Recall Reminders.  To change this setting so that all patients receive recall reminders regardless of whether they have a scheduled appointment:

  1. Locate the Fine-tune section.


  2. Uncheck the box labelled Don't send a reminder if a future appointment exists for this patient.

  3. Click Save.

To change the setting so that patients stop receiving Recall Reminders once they book their recall appointment:

  1. Locate the Fine-tune section.

  2. Make sure that the box labelled Don't send a reminder if a future appointment exists for this patient is checked.

  3. In the Only with codes box, enter the dental codes that correspond to the recalls you've chosen for YAPI to manage (most often Prophy, Child Prophy if applicable, and Perio). 


  4. Click Save.


Showing Past Due Alerts

If a patient is overdue for their recall, YAPI shows a patient alert icon recall_past_due_alert.png in the Dashboard and in your Daily Huddle so you can remind the patient in office.  To manage which alerts show and where:

  1. Locate the Past due alerts section.


  2. For both the Dashboard and the Daily Huddle, select:

    • None if you don't want alerts to show.

    • Managed if you want alerts to show just for the recalls you've checked in the Recalls to Manage section.

    • All if you want all recalls to show, even the ones you didn't check in the Recalls to Manage section.

  3. Click Save.


Postcard Settings

If you're using postcards as a reminder type in your Reminder Timeline, they'll automatically generate only for patients that don't have an email or mobile number on file.  To have YAPI generate postcards for all recall patients instead:

  1. Locate the Postcards section.


  2. Uncheck the Mail only if no email/mobile number checkbox.

  3. Click Save.


Setting Due & Past Due Report Notes Expiration

Within YAPI's Recall Due & Past Due Reports, staff members can write, save, and view notes regarding a patient's recall.  To change how long YAPI stores these notes, adjust the number in the Expire notes in ___ days box.


For more about taking notes in these reports, see Using the Recall Due & Past Due Reports.


Legacy Settings

As mentioned in our Introduction to the Recall Manager article, the following are legacy settings.  These are no longer functional, so you can skip them:

  • Allow online scheduling
  • Show on mobile nanosite
  • Email subject


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