Introduction to YAPI Housekeeping

Each day, YAPI does housekeeping to process automated reminders, automated New Patient Welcome Emails, daily reports, and system changes.  Below you'll find information about what YAPI does during this time, how it's affected by your practice's server setup, and how to change it if you need to.

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How YAPI Housekeeping Works

Housekeeping time is set during installation, usually for 9PM.  During housekeeping, YAPI shuts down the Dashboard on all workstations, restarts service, and does the following:

Depending on how large your patient base is, housekeeping could take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.


How Your Server Setup Affects Housekeeping

YAPI needs to start and complete housekeeping without interruption, so it should never be set to run during office hours, during a time that your practice management software's housekeeping is running, or when the server is off or rebooting.   Otherwise, some or all of YAPI's housekeeping processes could fail.

When installing YAPI, our installers work with your practice and your IT to set housekeeping for a time that:

  • Your workstations don't need to be in use
  • Your server is on
  • Your practice management software isn't running its own housekeeping

This is why it's incredibly important to consult your IT representative or the person in your office who knows your server best before changing YAPI's housekeeping time.


Changing YAPI's Housekeeping Time

In most cases, you'll never need to change YAPI's housekeeping time, but you may need to if you change the housekeeping time for your practice management software.  

Warning!  DO NOT change YAPI housekeeping just to send out email reminders and New Patient Welcome Emails at a different time.  Housekeeping affects several other processes so make sure you've read the sections above before changing this setting.
  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & ManageSetup_and_Manage.png and select Global Setup.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  3. Click the Options tab.

  4. In the Housekeeping at section, select a new time for YAPI to start housekeeping.


  5. Click Save.


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