Release Notes - October 27, 2021


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Practice Online Portal (POP) - Version 1.12.20

New Features

  • YAPI Pay: YAPI Pay is now available for all Open Dental, Eaglesoft and Dentrix users! YAPI Pay enables your office to use POP to send patients a payment request via text. Once patients click the link and verify their DOB, they can make a payment right from their phone. Watch our new intro video to learn more or refer to the YAPI Pay Article Directory to see all of the supporting documentation. 

Eaglesoft Users: We previously sent a communication about how YAPI Pay impacts your Eaglesoft integration, if you didn't see it, click here to learn more.


Bug Fixes

Eaglesoft Bugs Resolved

  • Practice Online Portal
    • Some Eaglesoft users reported issues with being able to use procedure code with a special character when booking a Smart Schedule appointment. This issue has been resolved. Eaglesoft users can now use special characters when naming procedure codes without causing issue in Smart Scheduling.
    • Some Eaglesoft users received an Error 400.7 when attempting to create a new appointment via Smart Scheduling. This error was caused by duplicated ADA codes in Eaglesoft. This issue has been resolved. We have updated YAPI to accommodate for the possibility of duplicate codes.

Open Dental Bugs Resolved

  • Practice Online Portal
    • Some Open Dental users have reported receiving a "Bad Request" error when attempting to save patient scheduling preferences. This occurred when a practice's list of providers exceeded the limit. This issue has been fixed; we've increase this limit to account for a larger provider list.

Related Links

Internal Only: POP version - 1.12.20, YService version - 1.10.4, YAPI Eaglesoft Plugin version - 1.12.0, Dentrix Plugin version - 1.20.0

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