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YAPI automatically writes back to the Dentrix Office Journal in order to capture certain practice activities. This article shows you how to access the Office Journal feature and provides examples of the YAPI features that update the journal. 

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Accessing the Office Journal

  1. Open the Dentrix Appointment Book.
  2. Use the Family File mceclip0.png icon to open the Select Patient screen.
  3. Find the patient you're wanting to see journal details for and click OK.
  4. At the Family File screen, click the Office Journal (mceclip2.png) icon.
  5. The Office Journal window displays for you to see all entries related to the patient you selected.

Smart Scheduling Updates to the Office Journal

Any time an appointment is booked via Smart Scheduling the patient's Office Journal is updated to capture the activity.


YAPI Pay Updates to the Office Journal

The Office Journal is updated each time user activity is captured (creating, canceling, recording payment, voiding or issuing refunds) and provides all the details associated with the activity such as date, time, and who performed the activity, etc. Note: If your server is offline for a period of time and there's YAPI Pay activity, YAPI still captures the activity and updates Patient Notes once your server is back online.


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