Upcoming Changes to your Eaglesoft Integration

What's happening?

A new service account will automatically be created in Eaglesoft with the next YAPI release (coming later this month). This article is to help you understand what's happening so you can prepare your office staff, should anyone have questions.

Why is YAPI doing this?

This is part of our continuous Eaglesoft integration improvement efforts. Creating this type of user in Eaglesoft is required in order for YAPI to successfully create & update data in Eaglesoft (for example appointments, logging activity, etc). Service account creation is a standard practice when companies are looking to provide a seamless integration experience for their clients. A service account represents a non-human user that's created to explicitly perform automation type tasks in order to improve efficiency. 

We already create these service accounts (as-needed) for the other practice management software vendors we support (Dentrix & Open Dental).

How does this impact me?

This means you'll see a new provider named YAP in your staff list. This service account provider is only used to log YAPI Pay activity. It is listed as a provider of services and does not have access to your application in any way.

As we continue to build new products , we'll create service accounts on an as-needed basis. You'll always be notified when this happens. 

Can I opt out? What are my options?

We don't recommend setting this user to inactive because you won't be able to make use of Smart Scheduling, YAPI Pay or potentially any new features we release in the future that will require this service account provider.

If your office isn't ready to use either of these features, it's still recommended that you leave the user in your system because it will require less work in the future if you decide to enable any features that use this service account.

As with any other Eaglesoft provider, you won't be able to edit the ID (YAP) but if you'd like you an update the service account number's first (YAPI) and last (YAPI) name. Do this by going directly into Eaglesoft to update the first/last name as you'd like.


Who  should I contact if I have more questions?

Contact us if you have additional questions.

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