YAPI Pay - Patient Troubleshooting Tips

There may be times when a patient calls saying they have a problem while trying to make a payment using the YAPI Pay link they received. Use this article to help guide you through what to do when this happens.

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Payment Shows as Incomplete in YAPI but the Patient has a Receipt and Payment Was Completed

Possible Cause : There could be many reasons why this is happening and we'll need to troubleshoot to determine a root cause

What to do:

  1. Gather as much information as possible from the patient:
    • A copy of the receipt
    • Payment date
    • Payment posted date
    • Card type (for example, Visa)
    • Transaction ID (from the receipt)
  2. Contact YAPI Support by email (helpdesk@yapicentral.com) or phone (949-535-1059) and provide the information you gathered.

Patient Sees the Unable to Verify Screen

Possible Cause : Incorrect Date of Birth entered three times so the patient's identity couldn't be verified

What to do:

  1. Check the patient's date of birth in your practice management software.
  2. If there is an error, fix the patient's date of birth.
  3. Send a new payment request to the patient. 
  4. Let the patient know they will need to use the link from the  new text you sent them, not the original text.

Patient Sees the Request Canceled Screen

Possible Cause: Payment Request Canceled

What to do:

  1. Log in to the YAPI Practice Online Portal.
  2. Go the Complete Payments screen and find the patient.
  3. Let the patient know the request was cancelled.
  4. Optional: If you determine a payment is needed again, use the Create Payment Request button from the Incomplete Payments screen to send the patient a new request

Patient Can't Open an Attachment Included with the Request

Possible Cause: There may be an issue with their phone

What to do:

  1. Cancel the request.
  2. Resend a new payment request.

Patient Can't Successfully Make a Payment

Possible Issue: There may be an issue happening with our merchant partner (QorPay) or the patient has received an error

What to do:

Your next steps depends on if the patient is receiving a 2 or 3 digit error code. 

  • If there is a 2-digit error code, refer to the QorPay Payment Response Codes page to see what the 2-digit error code is and work with the patient to address the issue and help them make the payment.
  • If there is a 3-digit error code, contact YAPI Support email (helpdesk@yapicentral.com) or phone (949-535-1059) and provide as much of the information below as you can:
      • What type of phone the patient is using
      • What happens when the patient tries to pay
      • If possible, have the patient get a screen capture of any error messages

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