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If you ever need to make edits to your YAPI forms, you can do so in the Form Builder.  Follow the instructions below to learn how to open your form in the Form Builder and make simple edits.  We also recommend viewing our Editing an Existing Form video tutorial.

If you want to create a new form from scratch, see Creating a Basic Custom Form instead.

Warning!  Eaglesoft users: DO NOT edit Medical History forms in the Form Builder.  Instead, edit this form in Eaglesoft, then import it into YAPI.

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Opening a Form in the Form Builder

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Manage Documents and Templates.
  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.
  3. In the Manage Documents and Templates window that pops up, click the iPad Forms tab.
  4. In the list of forms, click the name of the form you want to edit and click Edit.


Editing the Form's Name & Title

In the Form Builder, you can edit the Title of your form (patient-facing) and its Name (office-facing). 


Because changing the office-facing Name involves a couple more steps, we've created a separate article just for that: Renaming & Creating Copies of Forms.

To change the Title, click into the Title section and make your changes.  DO NOT include special characters, punctuation like ‘ “ - / < > # % ^, or a space after the title as these can cause the form to be uneditable.


Editing Existing Questions & Formatting Elements

Warning!  If you see the PMS Integrated checkbox selected at the top of the Form Builder window, you must consult our Creating a Custom Patient Information Form or Creating a Custom Medical History Form article before making edits.  PMS Integrated indicates you're working on a Patient Information or Medical History form that's sensitive and needs special care when editing. 

To edit an existing item on your form, double-click it in the Question area.  When a window pops up, make your edits.  Use our complete guide to Questions & Formatting Elements in the Form Builder for more information about all the types of questions and formatting elements you may find in an existing form.



Moving Questions and Formatting Elements

To move a question or formatting element up or down on the form, simply click and drag it to its new location:



Adding New Questions & Formatting Elements

To add a new item to your form, click Add and select the appropriate question or formatting element to your form.  Use our complete guide to Questions & Formatting Elements in the Form Builder for more information about all the items on this list.



Deleting Questions & Formatting Elements

To delete an item from your form, click the question or formatting element in the Question Area that you want to delete.  Then, click Delete at the bottom of the Form Builder window.



Finishing Up

To save your form, click Save, then close the Form Builder.  Even if you've saved, a popup will always ask if you want to save before closing the window; click Yes.


Before using it, we recommend Testing Your Custom Form on an iPad to make sure it's patient-ready.  

If you want an online copy of the form to send to your patients or post on your website, contact our Customer Support team once your form is finished and has been tested on an iPad.  They can make an online copy for you in just a couple of minutes.


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