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With YAPI, patients can complete their forms on your office iPads or online at their convenience.  Below, you'll find descriptions of how YAPI's iPad and online forms work, as well as special forms that integrate information into Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft.

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How Forms Are Available to Patients

YAPI's paperless forms can be made available to patients online, on an iPad in your office, or both. While you can have an iPad and a matching Online version of any form in YAPI, most practices choose to have just a few forms available in both versions (like their new patient paperwork) while keeping their informed consents only available for iPad use.  

Click the video below to learn more about online forms:

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Forms that Come Pre-Installed with YAPI

Note: Depending on which practice management software your practice uses (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft) form names may differ slightly.  Also, Eaglesoft users will have a single Patient Information form used for both adults and children and your Medical History form is imported directly from Eaglesoft at install.

iPad Forms

  • Approval for Placement
  • Consent to Electronic Communications Via Email
  • Dental History - Adult*
  • Dental History - Child*
  • Dental Materials Fact Sheet Acknowledgement
  • General Dentistry Informed Consent
  • Informed Consent for Discussion of Dental Implant Placement
  • Informed Consent for Orthodontic Treatment
  • Informed Consent for Apicoectomy
  • Informed Consent for Bone Graft Transplant Surgery
  • Informed Consent for Crown Lengthening Procedure
  • Informed Consent for Crowns Onlays, Bridges, and Veneers
  • Informed Consent for Extractions
  • Informed Consent for Fillings
  • Informed Consent for Intravenous and Oral Sedation
  • Informed Consent for Root Canal Treatment
  • Informed Consent for Sinus Graft or Augmentation Surgery
  • Informed Consent for Surgical Periodontal Treatment
  • Informed Consent for Teeth Whitening
  • Informed Consent to Perform Dentistry
  • Insurance Information
  • Medical History - Adult
  • Medical History - Child
  • Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement (HIPAA)
  • Patient Information - Adult
  • Patient Information - Child
  • Refusal to Consent to Treatment
*Multiple versions of this form come pre-installed.


Online Forms

  • Authorization to Bring Child
  • Consent for Internet Communications
  • COVID 19 Questionnaire
  • Dental History - Adult*
  • Dental History - Child*
  • Dental Materials Fact Sheet Acknowledgement
  • Dental Records Release Form
  • Insurance Information*
  • Internet and Social Media Consent - Adult
  • Internet and Social Media Consent - Child
  • Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement (HIPAA)
  • Medical History - Adult
  • Medical History - Child
  • Online Bill Pay (Credit Card Authorization)
  • Patient Information - Adult*
  • Patient Information - Child*
  • Practice Surveys*
  • Texas Child Oral Health Questionnaire (English & Spanish)
  • Texas Child Dental Risk Assessment Questionnaire (English & Spanish)
  • Truth-In-Lending
*Multiple versions of this form come pre-installed.


Getting More Pre-Made Forms

If you need more than what comes pre-installed with YAPI, check out our Forms Library!  These forms are free for you to download and import into YAPI for immediate use on the iPad.  If you need an online version, just import the iPad version and contact us to make it online for you.


Note: Our preinstalled forms are also available in the Forms Library, so if you edited yours and want the original back, just download and import it again!


Getting Custom Forms

If you don't find what you need in our Forms Library or just need an adjustment to a form you already have, you can customize your forms within YAPI or build your own from scratch.  You can also commission a member of our Documents Team to create custom forms for you.  Check out our resources below for more on creating or ordering custom forms:


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