Introduction to Data-Integrated Forms: Patient Information & Medical History

Two sets of YAPI's Paperless forms are data-integrated: our Patient Information forms and our Medical Histories.  Available for use on the iPad and online, these forms integrate demographic and health information from a patient's form right into your practice management software - Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.  Below, you'll find descriptions of YAPI's data-integrated forms, how they work, and what makes them special.

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How Do Data-Integrated Forms Work?

When you file a data-integrated form, YAPI does two things:

  1. Takes select information from the form and sends it back to Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft to update the patient's information or medical history.

  2. Makes a PDF copy of the entire form that is also saved to Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.


Why Use Data-Integrated Forms?

They save you time.  You get to trade in the time you would use for data entry and use it for the other important things you need to do.  And since information goes straight from the form to your practice management software, you don't have to worry about human error in between.

They auto-populate on an iPad.  Because iPads are connected directly to your server via your secure WiFi, YAPI can pull patient data into these forms to update their information.  Patients can view the information you already have on file and make changes, saving them (and you) time.  When you file the patient's form, it'll then update what's in your practice management software automatically.

Note: Online forms don't auto-populate, so we always recommend patients fill out update paperwork on an iPad in office. They'll still update the patient's information, but when patients open them, they will appear blank and patients will have to fill them out from scratch.


Which Forms are Data-Integrated?

YAPI has two data-integrated forms: Patient Information and Medical History.  The appropriate versions for your practice management software are imported into YAPI during installation and you may see a second version of these forms for children depending on whether you use Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.

Note: While Eaglesoft Medical Histories can be used within YAPI and integrate into Eaglesoft, these forms must be made in Eaglesoft itself.  Learn more about customizing in Importing Eaglesoft Medical History Forms into YAPI.

Any other forms in YAPI (like dental histories, insurance forms, consent forms, and financial policies) are considered "non-integrated" forms and simply file into Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft without updating a patient's information or health history.


Patient Information Forms

When you file Patient Information forms, YAPI integrates a patient's demographic information like their phone numbers, address, email, social security number, birthdate, and driver's license number directly into their:

  • Dentrix Family File
  • Open Dental Family Module
  • Eaglesoft Patient Information 

This also files a copy of the completed, signed form into:

  • Dentrix Document Center
  • Open Dental Images
  • Eaglesoft SmartDocs

Patient Information forms can also integrate the list of referrals from Open Dental and Eaglesoft, so patients can choose who referred them from your predetermined list.  These referrals then write back to your practice management software when the form is filed.  


Medical History Forms

When you file Medical History forms, YAPI integrates a patient's medical information like their medical conditions, allergies, and medications into their:

  • Dentrix Health History
  • Open Dental Chart
  • Eaglesoft Medical History

This also files a copy of the completed, signed form into:

  • Dentrix Document Center
  • Open Dental Images
  • Eaglesoft SmartDocs

Medical History forms integrate the list of medical conditions, allergies, and medications from your practice management software right onto your form, so patients can choose from your predetermined lists, which then writes back to your practice management software when the form is filed. 

Which medical information integrates depends on your practice management software's type and version:

  • Dentrix G7 and above: Medical Conditions, Allergies, & Medications
  • Dentrix G6 and below: Medical Conditions & Allergies
  • Open Dental: Medical Conditions, Allergies, & Medications
  • Eaglesoft: Medical Conditions & Allergies


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