Personalizing Forms with Merge Tags

When creating a customized a form in YAPI, you can add Merge Tags to pull personalized information into the form like a patient's name, your practice name and contact information, and the date.  Below you'll find a description of how Merge Tags work and how to add them to a YAPI form.

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How Merge Tags Work

Merge tags within YAPI are codes with a capitalized word surrounded by double brackets.  When added to a form, a Merge Tag inputs the patient's or practice's information in its place when the form is presented to a patient.


For example, when a patient fills out their form on an iPad, YAPI can fill in their first and last name automatically:



Adding a Merge Tag

You can find a full list of the Merge Tags you can use in our Merge Tags for Forms article.  To add a Merge Tag to a question or paragraph:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & Manage Setup_and_Manage.pngand select Manage Documents and Templates

  2. Click the iPad Forms tab, then click the form you want to edit and click Edit.


  3. Double-click the existing question or paragraph where you want to add the Merge Tag. If you need to add a question instead, click Add and select the question type from the list.


  4. Edit the text as needed, including any Merge Tags you'd like.  Click OK.


  5. Click Save.  If this is an iPad Form, your changes will automatically show when the form is opened on an iPad.  
  6. To make the form available for online use, reach out to Customer Support.  We'll be glad to connect and make your form available online.


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