November 23, 2021 Release Notes


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Practice Online Portal (POP)

End of Year Master Template Now Available

YAPI Pay Enhancements

  • You can now login to POP and email patients a copy of their payment receipt. Refer to Emailing Patients a Receipt for more information.
  • You can now hover over a transaction ID and click to copy the entire transaction ID to your device's clipboard. This can be useful when you're researching a billing issue and need to keep copy and keep track of multiple transaction IDs as you are working.

Bug Fixes

General - Applies to All Clients

  • POP
    • Some Smart Fill users have experienced issues using the Date Preference picker filtering option when running the ASAP List. This issue has been fixed; you can now use the Date Preference picker to filter on the dates you've indicated in the field.

Dentrix Bugs Resolved

  • YAPI Desktop
    • Some Fast Import users have had issues automatically importing forms when two signatures have been added to a Medical History form. This issue has been fixed; Fast Import will automatically import Medical History forms that include two signatures.

Open Dental Bugs Resolved

  • POP
    • Some users have reported issues with providers not showing as available when patients are trying to book an appointment using Smart Scheduling. This was due to an operatory that was assigned to a provider that was hidden. YAPI detected the operatory instead of ignoring it, which caused the issue. This issue has ben fixed; we've updated YAPI to ignore hidden operatories even when they are assigned to a provider.

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Internal Only: POP version - 1.13.15, YService version - 1.11.2, YAPI Open Dental Plugin version - 1.13.0

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