Submitting a Custom Form Request to the YAPI Team

If you want to have YAPI's Documents Team create custom forms for you instead of creating those forms on your own, you can submit a request to us via email.  Our team will take the text of your Microsoft Word document or text-selectable PDF and make it into a YAPI-readable form for you.  Follow the guidelines below to submit your custom forms request.

Tip: Have you checked out our Forms Library?  We may already have the form you want, available for download right now!

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What to Expect When Submitting

Form requests are created in the order that they are received.  We do our best to finish custom forms as quickly as possible, but please be patient as our team always wants to provide you with the best quality for your finished forms.

Our team typically finishes an entire request before sending the completed forms to you unless you specify otherwise. If you have a large request and want us to split it so that some of the forms are sent to you sooner, let us know.

YAPI forms have some formatting limitations.  Because of the way our forms work, you may find that questions are laid out differently on YAPI forms than they are on the version you submitted.  We do our best to match your formatting, keeping readability for you and your patients in mind at all times.

For Patient Information & Medical History Forms, some questions like contact information and medical conditions must be placed at the top of the form in a specific order for the forms to integrate with Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.  Requests for these forms often require an appointment to discuss these limitations and to make sure the finished forms work best for you and your patients.  We'll reach out to you if this is the case.

We don't create custom Eaglesoft Medical Histories.  These forms must be constructed within Eaglesoft but we'll be glad to import them into YAPI once you're finished creating them.  If you need help with your Eaglesoft Medical History form, we recommend contacting Patterson Support.


Submitting a Request

Send us an email at and include the following so we can start your forms as soon as possible:

  1. List what forms you want our team to create.

  2. Attach the forms as Microsoft Word documents or text-selectable PDFs (a PDF that you can highlight and copy the text from).  Please do not submit images or scans.

  3. Detail any special requests or instructions.

  4. If you have a large request (10+ forms), specify whether you want your form created in batches to get some of them sooner.  


Next Steps

Once we receive your request, our team will reach out if we have any questions or need to schedule an appointment to go over more complicated forms with you.  Simple requests usually don't require a call.

Look out for an email titled "Your Documents Have Arrived!"  When your forms are complete, our team will send them to you by email in a .zip file with instructions to download and import them into YAPI.



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