Sending a Use It or Lose It Email to Patients Using POP

YAPI's pre-made Use it or Lose It template is one of our most popular templates! Once you decide whether you want to make changes to the pre-made email template before sending it or just sending it as-is, use the instructions below to send this email to your patients. You must have a login to access YAPI POP in order to complete these steps.

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Option 1: Send the Use it or Lose It Email without Making Changes

  1. Log in to your Practice Online Portal, then select Email Campaigns from the menu on the left.
  2. Select Create Campaign.
  3. At the Create a Campaign screen enter your campaign details
    • Campaign Name: Enter a name for the campaign that you and your team will remember. Patients won't see this name.
    • Template: Use the dropdown menu to select the End of Year - Use it Or Lose It Insurance Reminder template.
    • Preview: Optional: Use the preview button to see an example of the email you'll be sending. Within the preview, you'll see placeholder merge tags that automatically populate the patient's name and your practice information when the email is sent.
    • Campaign Recipients: Decide who will receive the email (only head of household, active patients, etc.)


  4. Scroll down and select Save to save the campaign.
  5. Back at the Email Campaigns screen, use the Runmceclip0.png icon to send the email out to your patients.
  6. Preview the email one more time at the Send Campaign screen to make sure all the campaign details are correct.
  7. Select Send Now.


  8. Select Run to start the campaign.
  9. Select OK at the Your Campaign is on its Way window. You'll return to the main Email Campaigns screen. You email has now been sent to all the patients you identified in the campaign.


Option 2: Edit the Template, then Send it

  1. Log in to your Practice Online Portal, then select Email Templates from the menu on the left.
  2. Expand the Marketing and Promotion section.

  3. Use the Copymceclip2.png icon to make a copy of the template. This is required since you can't edit a master template. You'll now see a copy of the template that's ready for you to edit.
  4. Use the Edit mceclip5.png icon to open the template in edit mode.
  5. Scroll down to the email body and edit the text.
  6. Optional: Add a button to encourage the reader to take an action, such as scheduling an appointment.

  7. Now use the instructions under Option 1 at the top of this page to create a campaign and send your patients your customized Use it or Lose it email.

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