December 13, 2021 Release Notes


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YAPI Desktop

New: Remote Updates

With this latest updated, we can now update the YAPI Practice Dashboard updates remotely. There is no immediate action required from your office to take advantage of this enhancement. This just means going forward when there's an update to YAPI's Practice Dashboard a message similar to the one below displays and once you click OK, the YAPI update installs.


Minor Eaglesoft Update

Eaglesoft development has notified us that they'll no longer support certain Windows components used to connect to the Eaglesoft database in version 21.20.05. YAPI has been updated to use the new method, per their direction. There is no action required from offices to account for this. As your trusted Eaglesoft integration, we just wanted to be transparent and make you aware of the change.

New POP Access from the Dashboard

You can now use the new POP icon from the Practice Dashboard to access YAPI's Practice Online Portal (POP). Don't have access to POP? Have your POP admin invite you. Refer to Practice Online Portal - Inviting Other Users for detailed instructions.


Bug Fixes

General - Applies to All Clients

YAPI Desktop

  • Many users reported not being able to use the Practice Dashboard to edit and save email templates with a prefix of GT (For example, "GT-Happy Birthday General" . This issue has been addressed. You can now edit email templates in the Practice Dashboard like you normally would.

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Internal Only:  Dashboard version - 1.5.5, YService version - 1.12.6, Eaglesoft Plugin version - 1.13.2, Engineering release date: Dec. 9, 2021

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