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YAPI comes installed with pre-made Medical History forms you can use both for gathering new patient health history details and for having patients update this information.  Dentrix and Open Dental users can customize Medical History forms by making edits to the pre-made ones in YAPI's Form Builder with the instructions below. We also recommend viewing our Creating a Custom Medical History Form video tutorial.

Eaglesoft Users: Eaglesoft Medical History forms can't be updated in the Form Builder.   You must update the form directly in Eaglesoft.  See Importing Your Eaglesoft Medical History.

Warning: Since this form is a particularly sensitive to changes, we recommend reading Creating a Basic Custom Form or viewing or Creating a Basic Custom Form video tutorial before continuing.

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Working with Medical History Forms

Medical History forms are a special kind of form that's data-integrated.  This means that when you file a patient's form, YAPI takes select information from it and sends it to Dentrix or Open Dental to update the patient's medical history.

This makes Medical History forms sensitive to editing so you need to take extra care when customizing them:

  • Always start with the pre-made version that came installed with YAPI and edit it from there.¬† This minimizes error and ensures you have the right versions of our Medical History forms for your specific practice management software (PMS).¬†¬†

  • Always change the Name of your customized form.¬† This creates a new customized copy and keeps the original in case you need to go back to it.

  • Never move, rearrange, or delete items at the top of the Question Area or add items in between them. This could break the form's integration and you could lose important patient data.¬† ¬†The questions you must leave alone depend on your PMS and its version:

    Dentrix Users, do not move or rearrange any questions above "Have you been admitted to a hospital in the last 2 years?"


    Open Dental Users, do not move or rearrange any questions above the first Page Break.


Tip: All forms are available in our Forms Library so if you forgot to make a copy of the original and need it back, you can download it and import it from our Help Center.


Opening the Pre-Made Form in the Form Builder

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & Manage  and select Manage Documents and Templates.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  3. In the Manage Documents and Templates window that pops up, click the iPad Forms tab.

  4. In the list of forms, click the name of the Medical History form you want to customize and click Edit.


Editing Name and Title

Before making any other changes to the form, edit its Name.  This creates a copy of the form while keeping the original unchanged.  We recommend adding the initials of your practice name to the beginning to signify it's customized to your practice.


Warning!  Do not include punctuation or special characters in the Name or Title and do not leave an extra space at the end.  This can cause issues with the form (failure to open on an iPad, inability to edit, etc.)

You can also change the Title if you want; the Name and Title do different things:


 The Name is office-facing and acts as the form's file name that your staff sees within YAPI.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-24_at_4.29.11_PM_2.png The Title is patient-facing and acts as a title that patients see at the top of their form.


Setting Form Options


There are several options at the top of the Form Builder window that affect how your form works. Do not modify these.  Changing them can affect the form's ability to integrate data into your PMS.


Editing Existing Questions & Formatting Elements

Warning: Do not edit any part of an existing question or formatting element in the top area of the form. This can break the form's integration capabilities.

To edit an existing item on your form, double-click it in the Question Area.  When a window pops up, make your edits.  Use our complete guide to Questions & Formatting Elements in the Form Builder for more information about all the items on this list.



Adding Questions

To add new questions underneath the existing questions on the form, click Add. In the Select Question Type window that pops up, select the question type you want to use and click Add again.

Remember: Don't add questions in the top area of the form that needs to stay untouched.  If you accidentally added a question there, click and drag it to where it needs to go.


The most popular question type is Single-Line Text, which is a simple question with a space for a short answer, but our Questions & Formatting Elements in the Form Builder article has a complete list of question types, what they look like, and what options they have available.  Use this article to learn about additional question types with answer options like lists, checkboxes, and Yes/No options.

Warning!  Do not label a Single-Line Text question as "First Name" or "Last Name."  If you need to gather a name somewhere else in the form (like the name of an insurance policy holder), make the question text more specific like "Policy Holder First Name" and "Policy Holder Last Name."


Adding Formatting Elements

Within your form, you can also add formatting elements like section headings, dividing lines that separate sections, extra spacing, and page breaks.  Add these in the same way you would a question, by clicking Add and selecting the element from the list.

For a full guide that explains each type of formatting element, see Questions & Formatting Elements in the Form Builder.

Remember: Don't add formatting elements in the top area of the form that needs to stay untouched.  If you accidentally added a formatting element there, click and drag it to where it needs to go.


Rearranging Questions & Formatting Elements

To move a question or formatting element up or down on your form, simply click and drag it where you want it to go, but remember: Never move or rearrange any items in the top part of the form (from questions about medications and above) or put a new item in between them.  This will break the form's integration so that your patients' information won't properly transfer into your practice management software.



Finishing Up

To save your form, click Save, then close the Form Builder.  Even if you've saved, a popup will always ask if you want to save before closing the window; click Yes.


Before using your form, you need to enable and test it on an iPad to make sure it's patient-ready.  For that next step, see Testing Your Custom Form on an iPad.

Tip: If you want an online copy of the form to send to your patients or post on your website, connect with our Customer Support team once your form is finished and has been tested on an iPad.


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