YAPI Pay - Payment Tracking Best Practices

Now that patients are sending payments faster than ever and making it rain, this article includes details about how to help use YAPI Pay to help manage and track patient payments.

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Email Updates from QorPay

Depending on how your merchant account was set up, the QorPay account holder can receive a daily transaction summary email similar to the one below. If you aren’t currently receiving these emails, contact your YAPI Customer Success Manager to get started. Many offices use this email to compare it to their ledger, often treating the payments similar to how they handle cash.

Recommended: Print or get a screen capture of this email to keep a copy of your office's YAPI Pay transaction summary (depending on your office's workflow).


Using YAPI POP to Help with Payment Tracking

Using filters from the YAPI Pay Completed Payments list, you can see a complete list of patient payments received. Keep in mind that the amount paid reflects the amount the patient paid and doesn't include any merchant fees that were applied.

  1. Log in to your Practice Online Portal and select YAPI Pay from the menu on the left.
  2. Select Complete Payments and use the filters to show only Payment Successful and specify the dates you need.
  3. Use the filtered list to make updates to your ledger. 
  4. Optional: Hover over the transaction ID and click to copy the full transaction ID to your clipboard.

Add a Payment Type Specifically for YAPI Pay

Some offices have found it helpful to add a new payment type in their practice management software that's specific for YAPI Pay transactions so that at the end of the day you can print out a deposit slip that automatically separates the YAPI Pay transactions.

  • Dentrix: Add a new payment type in Practice Definitions window (from the Maintenance menu).
  • Open Dental: Add a new payment type from the Definitions window (Payment Types category).
  • Eaglesoft: Add a new payment type by in the General Setup window (Lists menu)



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