Smart Scheduling - Existing Patient Walkthrough

This article shows the patient's point of view when using Smart Scheduling. Phone screens may differ from article images depending on the phone a patient is using.

Table of Contents

  1. Existing Patient Validation
  2. Existing Patient Scheduling
  3. Other Existing Patient Screens

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Existing Patient Validation

When Smart Scheduling is enabled for returning patients, the screen below displays when the patient selects the Book Now link from your website. 


Request Link

Once the user selects I'm a Returning Patient, they need to enter their email address or mobile number to verify their identity in order for YAPI to send them an appointment request link.


Invitation Sent

Once the patient successfully verifies their phone number or email address, a scheduling link is sent.


Here's Your Scheduling Link

The patient can now use the link from the email or text to schedule an appointment.

Email Example


Text Example


Existing Patient Scheduling

A welcome screen displays and the patient can verify their date of birth. If the patient is part of a household, click here to see an example of the welcome screen.


Select Reason for Visit

The user can then select the reason that they are scheduling the appointment.


Changes to Insurance

If the patient already has insurance information on file, the screen below displays. This gives them an opportunity to confirm whether their insurance has changed since their last visit. This screen only displays if the  Is covered by insurance field is enabled in your Smart Scheduling settings.


No Insurance On File

If the existing patient has no insurance information on file, the screen below displays. At this point the patient can continue booking an appointment without providing insurance information or indicate they would like to update their insurance information.


Thanks for Telling Us

If the patient indicates that they would like to update their insurance information, they'll be directed to contact your office in order to provide the new insurance information and your office can schedule an appointment at that time.


Set Appointment Details

Now the patient can select a date, time and/or provider they'd like to see.



Confirm Appointment Selection

The patient must agree to the terms and services and can also opt to be notified if an earlier appointment is available before confirming their appointment selection.


You're All Set

Once the appointment is confirmed, the patient is done. They can opt to schedule another appointment or add the appointment just scheduled to their calendar.


Add to Calendar

If the patient selects the add to calendar button, the screen below displays.


Email Confirmation

The patient receives an email confirmation with details of their upcoming appointment.


Other Existing Patient Screens

Family Welcome Screen

If the patient is part of a household, the screen below displays so the user can select who they are making the appointment for. 


No More Attempts Left

If the date of birth entered doesn't match the patient's date of birth in your practice management software, the Contact Us page below displays. This page displays after three failed attempts to verify the patient's date of birth. 



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