Viewing After-Hours Text Messages

If a patient texts you outside office hours, YAPI automatically creates an alert After-Hours_Text_Messages.pngon your Dashboard so you'll know someone texted while you were out.  Below, you'll find out how to recognize this alert and how to read your after-hours messages.

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How After-Hours Messages Work

YAPI considers a text message "after-hours" if it falls outside the office hours configured in Global Setup.  These are set up by our Technical Support team during installation but you can change them at any time.  

If a text comes in after hours, YAPI adds a flashing lightbulb icon to your Dashboard, letting you know someone messaged you while the office was closed:


By default, After-Hours alerts:

  • Are enabled
  • Don't include appointment confirmations

If you want to change these settings, see Editing the After-Hours Text Alert Setup.  You can also set up after-hours text forwarding to an email or mobile number if you want YAPI to forward text messages to you while you're out.  


Viewing After-Hours Messages

To view your after-hours messages, click the flashing lightbulb After-Hours_Text_Messages.png in your Dashboard.  This opens your full Text Message Log with your most recent messages showing at the bottom, making the lightbulb icon disappear.


Note: Messages in the Text Message Log include all incoming and outgoing texts from the last 7 days.  There is no separate log for after-hours messages.


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