Preparing Your Server for YAPI Installation: Eaglesoft

Welcome to YAPI! We hope you're as excited to install YAPI as we are. We've been doing this for a little while and wanted to share a few keys to success that will help us give you the best service possible during your YAPI Installation and beyond.

If you have any questions prior to your upcoming installation, don't hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager who can relay all pertinent information to your Installer.

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Preparing Your Server & Network

Prior to your upcoming installation appointment, please:

  • Have a conversation with your IT Representative about the current state of your practice’s server and make sure it meets the minimum operating system and hardware requirements

  • Reboot your server to provide the best environment possible for successful installation and to ensure full functionality of your YAPI Service.  If there's no time for a reboot, we simply recommend making sure sure the server has been rebooted in the last 30 days prior to your installation.  If you need help finding your server, see Finding Your Server below.

  • If your team is in the habit of turning Eaglesoft off at the end of the day, prepare them to change this practice and leave Eaglesoft on instead.  Ask your IT to set up an automatic backup and restart time if necessary.  For YAPI to work, the Eaglesoft database can't be offline for long periods of time and we wan't YAPI to be at its best for you!

  • Review the Important Notes for Your IT Representative below.  If you have an IT, send them this article.


Important Notes for Your IT Representative

Let your IT Representative know that at the time of installation:

  • Our YAPI Installer needs access to the incoming and outgoing ports necessary to run YAPI.
  • We'll need to install YAPI on same server that your Eaglesoft database is installed on.
  • The Eaglesoft client must be installed on the server.
  • Your WiFi must be on the same subnet as your server.
  • If your practice uses NIC teaming, your MAC address must be static.

For installation and for YAPI to run properly, they need to plan for:

  • The Eaglesoft database to be online any time the practice is open.
  • YAPI housekeeping (which takes 60 to 90 minutes) to complete before the Eaglesoft database goes offline to make a backup.


Preparing Eaglesoft

To ensure a smooth installation and onboarding process, you'll need to do a little prep in Eaglesoft prior to your installation date.  Just follow the instructions in the linked articles below!


Finding Your Server

At the time of your installation appointment, your YAPI Installer will be calling you to remotely connect to the practice’s server. The server is typically located on site at your practice or is set up on a designated workstation through remote access. If you're not sure if a computer is the server:

    1. Check for the following icons on your computer's desktop:


    2. If you see these icons on your desktop, this computer is your server! You'll want to connect your YAPI Installer to this workstation at your installation appointment.

      Note: If you don't see these icons, this computer is likely not the server and you'll want to check another workstation at your practice.  If you're unsure which one to try, we recommend consulting your IT.


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