Taking a Photo of a Patient's ID Card or Paperwork

When a patient brings in hard copies of documents like referral paperwork or an ID card, you can take a Document Photo on your iPad instead of using your scanner!  Then, you can file the image straight into Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft from YAPI.  Follow the instructions below to take a Document Photo on your iPad.

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Taking a Document Photo


  1. From the YAPI app on your iPad, locate your patient in the Dashboard

  2. Tap and hold on the clipboard icon Screen_Shot_2022-01-17_at_12.07.51_PM.png and select Add From Camera.


  3. Tap the white circle button to take a photo, then select Use Photo.

  4. Optional: To view the photo, tap and hold on the clipboard icon Screen_Shot_2022-01-17_at_12.07.51_PM.png, then select View Documents.

  5. File the photo as you would any simple iPad form.


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