Patient Text Commands & Keywords

If patients don't want to receive texts from your practice, they can opt-out by responding to a text from you with specific keywords, commonly used for this purpose.  In the same way, they can also use keywords to opt back in or request more information about opting in and opting out.  These keywords are listed below:

If a patient wants to... They can text the word... What it looks like
Opt out of receiving text messages stop, stopall, or unsubscribe IMG_7634_2.PNG
Opt back in to receiving text messages start, unstop, or yes IMG_7634_2_2.PNG
Request information about opting in and out help or info IMG_7635_2.PNG


These commands, however, don't interact with or appear on your Do-Not-Contact Phone List or your patient's communication settings in YAPI, they just block texts from YAPI's short code number (through which all YAPI texts are sent).  If a staff member opts a patient out in YAPI (in the Do-Not-Contact Phone List or in the patient's communication settings), the patient can only be opted back in the same way.  Likewise, if a patient opts themselves out of texts by responding with the keywords above, they can only opt themselves back in the same way.

Tip: If a patient isn't sure why they haven't been receiving texts from you and you know they haven't been opted out in YAPI, ask them to check the number 714-30 on their phone (that's YAPI's short code number).  If they texted any of the opt-out keywords above, they may have accidentally opted out.  Just have them text "start," "unstop," or "yes" to opt back in!


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