Patient Text Commands & Keywords

Automated texts from YAPI will look like it's coming from 714-30 on a patient's phone. This article provides a list of keywords or codes a patient can use when replying back to the 714-30 number on their mobile device.

Just remember, when a patient opts back in to receiving texts, they will need to contact your office and let you know. You will still need to manually remove the patient from the opt-out list in the YAPI Dashboard.

Note: Patients can also respond with regular text messages for example, "I'm running late, will be 15 minutes late to my appointment", and the message will be routed to your office and displayed on the Dashboard.

What the Keyword Controls Available Keywords the Patient Can Use
Opt-out of receiving text messages cancel, quit, end, stop, stopall, unsubscribe
Opt-in to receiving text messages start, unstop, yes
Get texting help help, info


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