Setting Up Recurring Forms

Do you need patients to regularly update forms like patient information, financial policies, and health histories?  With YAPI's Recurring Forms feature, you can set up any of your YAPI forms to auto-assign to all your patients on the iPad after a set amount of time has passed. 

For example, if you want patients to update their health history every time they come in, you can set your practice's Medical History form to show up as pending each time patients visit you.  Then, when a form is due for a patient to update, members of your team can easily recognize which forms need updating and quickly assign those forms to the patient on an iPad.  Follow the instructions below to learn more about Recurring Forms and how to set them up.

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How Recurring Forms Work

Each recurring form you set up automatically shows up as a Pending Document for a patient to complete on an iPad depending on the frequency you set below.  This way, your team doesn't have to figure out what forms are due for the patient to fill out; YAPI does that for you!  Recurring forms can be set for:

  • All new patients
  • All patients every time they visit
  • At each visit until the form is updated once
  • Periodic updates, like every few months, once a year, or every couple of years

When your patient arrives, if they're due to sign a recurring form, your team will see a clipboard icon in the patient's alerts:


Then, when a member of your team goes to select forms for the patient to fill out on the iPad, the recurring forms will automatically appear in the Pending Documents section, ready to be assigned to the patient.

Note: Recurring forms only work on the iPad and only start measuring time from when a form was last completed in YAPI.  If a patient completed a paper form at their last visit, for example, a form set to recur every 6 months will still appear for them to fill out at their next visit since the first form wasn't completed in YAPI.


Setting Up Recurring Forms


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & ManageSetup_and_Manage.png and select Manage Documents and Templates.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  3. Click the Recurring tab, then click New.

  4. In the Name field, enter a simple name for the recurring form like "Yearly Medical History Update" or "Financial Policy" so you can easily find it in the list if you need to update the form's settings here later.

  5. Click the ellipses button next to the Document field and click on the form you want to recur.  Then click Select.


  6. In the How Often section, select how often you want the form to recur for patients:

    • Once till updated: The form shows as pending for the patient every time they visit until they complete it.  Then it never recurs again for that patient.

    • New patients only: The form shows as pending only for new patients.

    • Periodically (the most popular option): The form shows as pending after a set amount of time has passed since the form was last completed in YAPI.  When choosing this option, select the amount of time from the pulldown menu.

  7. Click Ok.

  8. Optional: Repeat Steps 3-7 for any other form you want to recur.


Assigning Recurring Forms to Patients When They Arrive

When a patient is due to sign any recurring forms, you'll need to assign them the forms on an iPad at their next appointment.  For more on this, see Assigning Recurring & Pre-Added Forms to a Patient


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