Installing & Connecting YAPI on an iPad

Once YAPI is installed on your server, you can immediately set up the YAPI app on your office iPads to start working with paperless forms.  Follow the steps below to install the app and set it up on any compatible iPad.

Note: You cannot use the YAPI iPad app from home.  The app needs to connect to your server over your practice's WiFi network, so you must be in the office to complete the Connecting the iPad App step.

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Installing the YAPI iPad App

Warning! Make sure you're signed into your iPad with the appropriate Apple ID for your practice before accessing the App Store.  DO NOT use a personal ID that may sync personal photos, messages, contacts, and other sensitive information to the iPad.

  1. Open the App Store on your iPad. Apple_App_Store.png

  2. Search for "YAPI."  You may see multiple apps with the YAPI name; choose the one listed as "Medical": 


  3. Tap Get, then tap Install.  Enter your Apple ID password and tap Sign In

  4. Allow the app to completely download to your iPad's home screen.


Connecting the iPad App

Once you've downloaded the iPad app, you'll need to connect it to the rest of your YAPI so that YAPI syncs between your server, workstations, and iPads:

  1. Open YAPI on your desktop and make sure there is at least one patient checked into the Dashboard:


  2. On your iPad, tap the YAPI icon Screen_Shot_2022-01-21_at_2.54.07_PM_2.png on your home screen to open the app, which will automatically open in Tutorial Mode.

  3. Tap Stop Tutorial at the bottom right.

    Tip: You can turn Tutorial Mode back on later by following in instructions in Enabling & Disabling Tutorial Mode in the iPad App.
  4. Force quit and reopen the YAPI app.  

  5. When you see a pop-up asking to connect to devices on your local network, tap OK. If you also see the message Unable to locate YAPI Service, tap OK.


    Note: If your practice uses Open Dental Clinics, Dentrix Views, or Eaglesoft Sites (this is not common), skip to Connecting iPads for Clinics, Views, & Sites after clicking OK to finish connecting your iPad to YAPI.

    Not sure if your practice uses these?  Click Setup & Manage and select Global Setup.  Enter your password and click the Options tab.  Check the Clinics/Partitions section; if the Enabled checkbox is selected, your practice uses Clinics, Views, or Sites.  

  6. If you see your patients from your desktop Dashboard showing in the app, you're done! 

    Screen_Shot_2022-01-21_at_3.28.34_PM.png IMG_0369_ipad_spacegrey_portrait_2.png

    If not, or you see a Connection Failure message like the one below, see our article Troubleshooting Your iPad's Connection to YAPI.

    Troubleshooting iPad Connection.png


Connecting iPads for Clinics, Views, & Sites

If your practice uses Open Dental Clinics, Dentrix Views, or Eaglesoft Sites, complete the steps in Connecting the iPad App above, then:

  1. In  the YAPI Dashboard on your desktop, click Setup & Manage and select Global Setup.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  3. Click the Options tab.  In the Clinics/Partitions section, click Edit.

    Warning!  STOP if the Enabled checkbox isn't selected.  Your practice doesn't use Clinics, Views, or Sites and you don't need to complete any more steps.  DO NOT select the Enabled box; this could cause YAPI to malfunction.
  4. In the Partitions window that pops up, find your office's location and note the item in the Partition column for your location (likely C1, C2, or C3, etc.):


  5. Return to the YAPI app on your iPad and tap Configuration

  6. In the Device section, find Device Name.  Tap it to add "@" and the Partition number to the end of the Device Name with no spaces, like this:


  7. Tap Save.  Then tap OK and force quit and reopen the YAPI app.  You now should see your patient(s) from the desktop Dashboard reflected in the iPad app.  If not, see our article Troubleshooting Your iPad's Connection to YAPI.


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