Assigning Recurring & Pre-Added Forms to a Patient

Within YAPI, you can set up Recurring Forms so that selected forms automatically attach to patients after a set amount of time has passed, reminding you they need to update their paperwork.  In the Daily Huddle Report, you can also attach forms to an individual patient prior to their visit.  Below, you'll learn how to recognize when a patient has recurring or pre-added forms to sign and how to assign them to patients on an iPad when they arrive.

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Recognizing When a Patient Has Recurring or Pre-Added Forms to Sign

Patients with pre-added forms or patients that are due to sign any recurring forms will have a clipboard icon within their alerts:


These still aren't forms a patient can select for themselves, however. For patient security, a team member always needs to select the patient's forms on an iPad for them to sign and this includes recurring ones.  


Assigning Recurring & Pre-Added Forms

Assigning these forms is similar to assigning any other type of form on the iPad, except you'll choose the forms from the Pending Documents section of Forms & Documents instead of the Packages or Forms sections:


  1. Open the YAPI iPad app. If you already have the app open, make sure you're on the Dashboard screen by tapping Dashboard in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Locate your patient and swipe across their colored bar (left to right OR right to left).

  3. When the page flips to the Forms & Documents section, tap the item listing the patients recurring and/or pre-added forms in the Pending Documents section:


    Tip: If you need the patient to sign other forms as well, tap and hold on this item until the name turns orange instead.  Then, tap and hold on each other form you need them to sign.  Once you've selected all the forms they need, tap the orange More tab and select Use.  For more on this, see Grouping Forms Together for a Patient to Sign on the iPad.
  4. Hand the iPad over to your patient and ask them to return it when they've completed their forms. 


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