Setting Up Basic Security for the YAPI iPad App

The privacy and security features of the YAPI iPad app are specially crafted to protect private and sensitive patient information and prevent unauthorized access. Once you've installed and connected the app, follow the directions below to enable our recommended security settings.

Note: You must set the security options for each iPad separately.  Adding security settings to one iPad does not transfer these settings to all the iPads used in your office.

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Setting Basic Security Features

When setting up the iPad app, these are the minimum security measures we recommend to keep protected health information safe as patients use the iPad to fill out forms.  With these options enabled, once a member of your team assigns forms to a patient, the patient can only complete their forms and can't access any other part of the YAPI app.

Step 1: Securing the YAPI Dashboard with a Password

Adding a password to the YAPI app keeps patients from seeing any other part of YAPI once you've selected forms for them to complete.  To add a password:

Warning! The YAPI iPad App doesn't have a password retrieval option.  If you forget your password, you'll need to delete the app and set it up again, so keep a record of your password.


  1. In the YAPI iPad app, tap Configuration in the bottom right.

  2. Scroll down to the Security and Privacy section.

  3. In the box next to YAPI Password on This Device, type in the password you want to use for this iPad.

    Tip: You can use the same password for all iPads in your office to make them easier for your team to access when things get busy.
  4. Locate Password Protection for Dashboard and set the toggle to the right so it's green (enabled).


Step 2: Disabling In-Office Messages

To ensure that patients don't see the in-office messages you send to your team through YAPI, you need to set the app's messaging settings to Do Not Disturb.  If you're setting up an iPad for staff use only, you can skip this step:

  1. In Configuration, scroll down to the Messenger section.

  2.  Next to Message Filter, tap DND to set the app to Do Not Disturb.


Step 3: Saving Your Settings

  1. Within Configuration, tap Save in the upper right.

  2. When a pop-up shows that your changes have been saved, tap OK.

  3. Force quit the YAPI app and reopen it. 
Tip: Later, if you need to temporarily disable your password when you know the iPad won't be in patient hands for awhile, you can return to the Security and Privacy and tap the Disable Password toggle.  Tap Save, then OK; the app won't require a password until you force quit and reopen it.mceclip2.png


Pre-Enabled Security Features

Upon download, the YAPI iPad app also has the following security features already enabled:

  • Patients' last names are hidden on the Dashboard:


  • Patients' appointment details are hidden.

  • Patients' detailed personal information can't be accessed from the Dashboard.

To show patient last names, appointment details, or access personal information within the iPad app, see our article Setting Up Advanced Security for the YAPI iPad App.


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